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Education Value

The value of a Bible-based education is seen in many ways— from the life change in our students to the professional success of our graduates to the countless lives improved through Grace’s ministry. Our distinctive academic program integrates the Word of God into the student’s chosen major and, in addition, the student also receives a minor in Biblical Studies. But it’s really so much more.

President Emeritus Jim Eckman describes the value of Grace this way: “You’ll not only get a marketable degree when you graduate, but you’ll gain a powerful worldview. This kind of worldview involves every aspect of life whether it’s your personal relationship with God, managing your money and your time, or managing your ministry. You’ll learn how to integrate biblical truth with scientific truth and historical truth. You’ll gain the skills to reach out to people and make a real impact on the world.”

At Grace, we feel our Christ-centered education has eternal value. The life change that our students experience while studying at Grace in combination with our focus on academic excellence gives each of our graduates powerful tools to help them impact their world for Christ.

Ways You Will Save

Here are just a few ways a college education at Grace reduces your yearly cost.

  • No out-of-state tuition charges! All GU students pay the same tuition rate – regardless of their zip code.
  • Every Grace student has the opportunity to receive institutional grants valued at a maximum of $8,500 per year!*1
  • Students can request a financial aid estimate as early as the summer before their junior year. This estimate includes Grace University aid as well as federal and state aid.
  • Over 99% of our undergraduate students receive financial aid from both Grace and/or the federal government – making Grace one of the most affordable private universities in the country!

Estimated Student Cost for the 2017-2018 Academic Year

Description Per Semester Per Year
Tuition $11,060 $22,120
Student Fees $455 $910
Total for Off-Campus $11,515 $23,030
Housing (Double occupancy) $1,668 $3,336
Dining (13 meals per week) $1,788 $3,576
Total for On-Campus $14,971 $29,942

Click here to access the Net Price Calculator

*1 – Actual amount is based on income levels and GPA ranges and depends on housing plans. Students submitting GEDs will be awarded using standardized test scores.
*2- Includes 12-17 hours per semester, 13 meal plan (most common), double occupancy and student fees. Does not include cost estimate for books and supplies.
*3 – Includes both institutional awards and federal and state grants. Does not include scholarships from outside sources or student/parent loans.
*4 – Out-of-pocket cost includes all loans borrowed by the student and/or parents.