Touched by Grace

Touched by Grace

James Gray
Maricopa, Arizona

“That in the ages to come He might show the surpassing riches of His grace…” Eph. 2:7

Pastor James Gray spent more than 40 years in ministry and continues to serve in retirement from the pulpit.

“The courses I took at Grace helped me in two ways: First, to think outside the box of my own theology, to be willing to rethink views I held, and to better understand why I believe what I believe. Second, Grace University courses cultivated my respect for and desire toward exegetical and exposition of the Word, thanks to the teaching of Abe Penner and Dr. Goldberg,” stated Pastor Gray.

He served as pastor of Grace Bible Church, Evansville, Indiana; Lakeview Bible Church, Carter Lake, Iowa; and Trinity Bible Church, Glenwood Springs, Colorado; and Grace Gospel Church, Linton, Ind. After retiring, he and his wife, Karen, moved back to Arizona.

He is still very active in ministry by publishing Bible studies and ministering this blog. To find out what is on Pastor Gray’s heart, check out his thoughts at the Berean Advocate.