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Adult Degree Completion Program Values and Costs

Education at Grace University:  A Powerful Investment

The value of a Bible-based education is seen in many ways from the life change in our students to the professional success of our graduates to the countless lives improved through Grace’s ministry. Our distinctive academic program integrates the Word of God into the student's chosen major and, in addition, the student also receives a minor in Biblical studies.  But it’s really so much more.

President Emeritus Jim Eckman describes the value of Grace this way:  “You’ll not only get a marketable degree when you graduate, but you’ll gain a powerful worldview.  This kind of worldview involves every aspect of life whether it’s your personal relationship with God, managing your money and your time, or managing your ministry.  You’ll learn how to integrate biblical truth with scientific truth and historical truth.  You’ll gain the skills to reach out to people and make a real impact on the world.”

At Grace, we feel our Christ-centered education has eternal value.  The life change that our students experience while studying at Grace, in combination with our focus on academic excellence, gives each of our graduates powerful tools to help them impact their world for Christ.

2015-2016 Adult Degree Completion Program Estimated Costs

Adult Degree Completion Program Tuition (per credit hour):


Student Services Fee (per semester):


Portfolio Fee (one time)


Prior Learning Assessment Credits Fee (per credit hour granted):


Independent Study Course* Tuition (per credit hour):


Independent Study Course* Fee (per credit hour)


Graduation Fee:


Books Fees:

Varies by course

*Independent Study courses are available to help students complete elective requirements outside the Adult Degree Completion Program courses. Students enrolling in PSY 300C Introduction to Biblical Counseling are charged a one-time fee of $165 for an additional video series.

For more information, see the Adult Degree Completion Program Financial Information Section in the Catalog.

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