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Below are links to Job and Career listings that can help you get connected with the job opportunity you have been searching for.

*Note: Career listings are posted for 30 days and then removed. Please resubmit if you would like us to continue posting your job opening. Thank you.

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Mentor for teenagers

Kansas City, MO

We hire graduate and undergraduate degree men and women to live and work for a year as a Mentor with our teenagers. We are located just east of Kansas City, Missouri in Independence, Missouri. You must be at least 21 years of age. Here is specifics about our program:"

We hire single men and women who have a passion for Christ and a passion to help at-risk teenagers in our Shelterwood program. It's a challenging, frustrating, tiring and also a life-changing year of service for the Kingdom. The position pays $1,000 a month stipend plus free room and board, insurance benefits, and excellent training. Experience working or volunteering with teenagers is very helpful.

Our next openings for male staff are for May and August, 2015. Our next openings for female staff are March, May and August, 2015.

Apply online to join our team on this exciting adventure of helping restore families! Here’s how to apply: The link to apply is: Click on this link. Scroll to the bottom part of the page and click on the red box on the left which says Become a Mentor. On Parent Portal. Go to the right side and create an account. Submit.
Click the words Discipleship Application.
On application page. Go through each page and fill out the information and then at the bottom of the page click save and continue.
On the last page type your initials and then click submit.


Family Teaching Couple—Boys Town

Omaha, NE

Boys Town is changing the way America cares for children, families and communities by providing and promoting an Integrated Continuum of Care that instills Boys Town values to strengthen body, mind and spirit.


Boys Town is seeking a Family Teaching Couple based in Omaha, NE. As our Family-Teaching Couple you will provide direct care for 6-8 at-risk youth through creating a safe and loving family style living environment. Living on-site in a Boys Town Family home, together you will be provide youth with moral, spiritual, and educational development needed for future success. This includes providing emotional support utilizing praise, positive feedback, affection, and empathy to build one’s self-confidence and respect. Through the use of the Boys Town Model you will guide and teach youth appropriate skills and behaviors. Using rational problem solving techniques you will teach youth critical thinking skills, assist with behavioral problems, counsel through personal issues, and provide crisis intervention when needed. As our Family Teaching Couple you will plan, participate, and provide opportunities for individual and family activities that are both educational and entertainin g. Through displaying and teaching parenting, family, and relationship skills to youth, legal guardians, and caretakers you will help create collaborative relationships and family engagement. You will maintain contact with both internal and external consumers/agencies to obtain and/or provide information regarding youth’s behaviors, strategies, and progress. As our Family Teaching Couple you will be responsible for maintaining and preparing written records for household budgeting, tracking youth progress, reporting incidents/behaviors, and documenting youth medical needs and appointments. You will continually provide support for educational success through monitoring youth academic performance. Additionally, you will teach and role model Boys Town values and ethical behaviors, as well as support and encourage participation in regular religious activities. As our Family Teaching Couple you will be responsible for supervising the activities of your assigned Assistant Fam ily Teacher to aid in their development and success. Additionally, you will manage the daily operating schedule of the home; assist with youth transportation needs, and overall household upkeep.


•To be at least 21 years of age or older
•High School diploma or equivalent is required, some college credit is preferred
•A valid driver’s license with a good driving record and the ability to pass a MVR Check
•Ability and desire to work and live with youth
•Excellent verbal and written communication skills
•Flexibility and willingness to work a wide array of hours, which will include days, evenings, weekends and holidays
•A willingness to learn and implement all phases of the Boys Town Home Model, including all intervention and administrative functions
•Proven record of sound judgment and ability to work with children in a mature and responsible manner
•Ability to pass a thorough background check and reference verification procedure in order to determine one’s fitness to satisfactorily and safely care for youth
•Ability to attend a two weeks paid training in Omaha, Nebraska

Please apply online at or send any questions to


Bilingual In-Home Consultant—Boys Town

Omaha, NE

Boys Town Nebraska is changing the way America cares for children, families and communities by providing and promoting an Integrated Continuum of Care that instills Boys Town values to strengthen body, mind and spirit.


As our Bilingual (English/Spanish) In-Home Family Services Consultant you will provide in-home intervention to children and their families utilizing a skill based, solution focused model. Through the use of this model you will help families adopt positive solutions to problems through the teaching of parenting skills, independent living skills, behavior modification techniques, and accessing community resources and support. You will be responsible for providing screening and assessment to determine program eligibility, as well as identifying specific areas to address in service plans when applicable. As our In-Home Family Services Consultant you will be responsible for maintaining regular direct contact with families, as well as being on-call 24/7 to provide crisis intervention. You will monitor individual and family progress in attainment of predetermined goals, as well as provide regular review and updating of service plans as needed. This will include preparing and submitting written reports to document all service plans, recommendations, an d any incidents that arise. As our In-Home Family Services Consultant you will work to develop and maintain effective working relationships with families and community service resources. Through providing training and support in the development of skills and accessing of community resources, you will promote family self-determination. As our In-Home Family Services Consultant you will utilize your own vehicle to travel to various meeting destinations with families and children, which may include their home, school, or other community organizations. You may also become a certified Common Sense Parenting Instructor and be responsible for training the curriculum in a classroom setting. Overall, as our In-Home Family Services Consultant your goal is to improve the youth and family’s social, emotional, and behavioral well-being.


•Bachelor’s Degree in the Behavioral Sciences or Human Services related fields
•One to two years of experience working with children and families
•A valid driver’s license with a good driving record, plus ability to provide own transportation with a valid auto liability insurance policy to complete travel requirements of the job
•Bilingual in English and Spanish
•Strong written and verbal communication skills
•Ability to work independently
•Knowledge of community resources and service providers in service area is a plus
•Flexibility and willingness to work days, evenings, weekends, holidays, and be on-call
•Proficient in Microsoft Office suite

Please apply online at



Various Positions—Open Door Mission

Omaha, NE

AIM Member Director of Lydia House for Women and Families – (Omaha, NE) – Open Door Mission
AIM Member Executive Assistant – (Omaha, NE) – Open Door Mission
AIM Member Garland Thompson Men's Center Support Worker – (Omaha, NE) – Open Door Mission
AIM Member Major Gift Officer – (Omaha, NE) – Open Door Mission
AIM Member Family Support Worker – (Omaha, NE) – Open Door Mission
AIM Member Maintenance Technician – (Omaha, NE) – Open Door Mission
AIM Member Maintenance HVAC Technician – (Omaha, NE) – Open Door Mission




Female Assistant House Parents—Release Ministries

Omaha, NE

Release Ministries is looking for two single females to work as assistant house parents in our girls' transitional group home. Assistant house parents are expected to mentor youth, assist the house parents with the daily operation of the home, help in transporting youth, and run the home when the house parents are away.

This is a full time position and includes room and board and a monthly salary. Assistant house parents would live in the group home with the youth and group home Parents.

Must be 21 or older to apply, have a good driving record, be a US citizen, and have a strong desire to work with teens. Degree not required, though some college preferred.

To apply for this position, or if you would like to get more information on the position, please email



Administrative/Operations Director

New Hope Life Center for Women

Omaha, NE

Basic Function and Responsibility:

To facilitate the cultivation and care of residents at New Hope Life Center for Women by providing a safe and secure environment.

Specific Function and Responsibilities:

Administrative Tasks

Miscellaneous Tasks

Office Tasks

Financial Tasks

Maintenance Tasks

Staff-related Tasks

Resident Tasks


Minimum qualifications:

Ability to manage people and oversee multiple staff, with some experience in team-building and recruiting.

Good skills include: teaching, counseling, small group dynamics, hospitality. Conflict resolution skills.

Ability to remain calm and focused in the midst of conflicts, resistance and tension, which are normal in an aftercare environment.

Ability to express thought clearly in various situations – writing, small groups, presentations, and public speaking. Must enjoy communicating and looking for opportunities to do so.

High skill level with regard to technology: Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote, Publisher. Additionally, must be able to problem solve basic office equipment as needed with printers, copiers etc.

Ability to develop and cultivate resource networks helpful to the growth and aftercare of program participants.

Ability to lead people and events in such a way as to support the overall mission of New Hope.

Must possess the ability to work comfortably within a team environment.

Must possess a valid driver’s license.

Must pass a criminal background check.

Must be able to maintain confidentiality.


If you are interested in the position, contact Kathleen at:



Resident Assistant

New Hope Life Center for Women

Omaha, NE

Basic Function and Responsibility:

To assist in the cultivation and care of the residents of New Hope Life Center for Women by providing a safe and secure environment that builds healthy community, and by providing a consistent example worthy of imitation that demonstrates the tangible love of Christ.

Specific Function and Responsibilities:

1. Oversight of overnight house security to include the following:

* Enforce curfews, in-room policies, and lights-out policies, as well as all other program rules and policies.

* Lock down the facility, including all outside doors and windows (1st floor), and the staff office.

* Set indoor/outdoor overnight lighting and turn off in the morning (located at front and back doors).

* Do house “sweep” to collect personal items that have been left lying around the house in common spaces to be held until retrieved by a resident according to policy.

* Set the security alarm system for the night and turn off in the morning. Turn off the security alarm and open up the house in the morning.

* Conduct bed-checks during the night and log the results; results should be recorded in the daily log.

* Notify the Director immediately in case of any incident or emergency during the night, making sure that any incident is properly documented and reported according to policy.

2. Oversight of Residents in the house

* Maintain safety of all residents at all times; address resident safety during severe weather.

* Check periodically to verify that all Residents not signed out are present in the residence. Report any problems or non-compliance to the Director as per policy.

* Screen incoming phone calls, take messages, and record any unusual calls as needed; use HIPPA guidelines

* Check on Resident activities in the house to ensure they are appropriately engaged in assigned duties or studies.

* Maintain house standards by keeping things tidy.

* Assist Residents in securing clothing from the “in-house boutique” and log any dispersed items.

* Report any unusual Resident behaviors to the Director for follow-up per policy.

3. Supervision of Residents away from the house

* Approve sign-outs, clarify Resident plans, and provide authorizations to leave the house as per policy.

* Log all call-ins from Residents and note any failures to call in per policy.

* Report any violation of policies regarding passes to the Director.

4. Administrative/Program Duties

* Coordinate any group activities during the shift (dinner, outings, etc.)

* Enforce house policies and guidelines; write log notes and Incident Reports when necessary.

* Check personal living areas in dorm/bedrooms for cleanliness/orderliness daily.

* Handle intake calls and inquiries, answering questions about the program while following confidentiality requirements.

* Transport Residents to medical facilities for doctor appointments, assisting them with applications to get free health care, and filing their medical documents if needed.

* Assist residents with program and other paperwork as needed.

* Assist with weekly grocery shopping if needed.

* Provide oversight of prescription and non-prescription drugs and making them available for Residents according to policy, logging all necessary information.

* Log all gifted clothing and properly store it in the “in-house boutique” closet upstairs and coordinate with volunteer staff for assistance.

* Complete Incident Reports logs for residents as needed.

* Maintain the Resident Daily logs, making sure that they are being completed daily at the end of shift.

* Problem solve issues related to residents reporting any non-compliance to the Director as needed.

* Receive gift-in-kind donations. Provide receipt to the donor and log in the receipt them. Sort and locate them in the house no less than weekly. Process donor information into database according to procedural policies and follow through with a thank-you letter.

* Perform various household duties as required to maintain orderliness of the household (unload dishwasher etc.)

* Make appropriate entries in the Daily Log using correct grammar and clear descriptive language

* Communicate all necessary information to the appropriate staff (i.e. grocery lists, donations, maintenance issues, etc.)

* Check temperature and log for all freezers and refrigerators (basement freezer and refrigerator; kitchen side by side refrigerator/freezer; garage-3 freezers.

* Notice and report any problems with the property or workings of equipment to the Director or designated staff

Supervision Received:

Minimum qualifications:

1. Must be female at least 22 years of age, who has demonstrated maturity in a self-directed lifestyle and possess a comfort level supervising residents who are significantly older.

2. One (1) – two (2) years’ experience in a similar position or program or equivalent experience or training.

3. Must have demonstrated ability to carry authority and enforce policies and/or disciplines.

4. Must have demonstrated strong leadership qualities.

5. Must possess the ability to work comfortably within a team context.

6. Must function with a high degree of maturity and discipline.

7. Life skills such as are needed to run a household.

8. Must possess the ability to work comfortably within a team environment.

9. Must be certified in CPR and First Aid annually or as needed (in-house training provided)

10. Must be comfortable solving problems while utilizing policies and procedures and mature thinking.

11. Must be prepared to help residents with conflict resolution based on protocols provided in mandatory training.

12. Must work comfortably with Microsoft Word, Excel and comfortable with or able to learn Microsoft OneNote.

13. Able to easily and comfortably traverse a three story residential building and lift 40-50 lbs without assistance.


If you are interested in the position, please contact Kathleen at:  




Behaven Kids

Omaha, NE

Overview: Provides therapy to families and individuals. Provides a safe and effective therapeutic environment for children and families in accordance with the philosophy and mission of Behaven Kids.

Essential Duties:
-Provides clinical and in-home services to families and children for Behaven Kids programs.
-Performs administrative responsibilities as assigned.
-Provides case management services.
-Develops a thorough understanding of the Behaven Kids model of care and therapy.
-Prepares, updates, and maintains documentation and records.
-Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements:
-Requires a Master's Degree in psychology, counseling, social work or other related field.
-Must hold the required mental health credentials and licensure as required by the state of residence.
-Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
-Ability to work in active environment and lift up to 50 lbs.

Apply online at or on



Child Behavior Aide

Behaven Kids

Omaha, NE

Overview: Provides a safe and effective learning environment for children in accordance with the philosophy and mission of Behaven Kids.

Essential Duties:
-Provide a safe, structured learning environment
-Interact with children in a professional, positive manner.
-Implements Behaven Kids model of care and curriculum.
-Implements treatment goals and objectives.
-Communicates effectively with parents, peers, and supervisor.
-Updates and maintains documentation and children's records.
-Perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements:
-Requires a high school diploma. An Associate's Degree in early childhood education or related field or 3 years experience in a preschool or daycare setting is preferred.
-Must be nineteen years of age.
-Must have good verbal and written communication skills.
-Ability to work in active environment and lift up to 50 lbs.

Apply online at or Search for all of our open positions.


Counseling Center Billing Coordinator

Great Oaks Counseling is seeking an experienced individual to work up to 35 hours per week to obtain insurance authorizations, enter payments, and do billing using in-house proprietary software for our therapists. Will also cross train for the front office/receptionist duties. Prefer experience in medical billing and insurance authorizations. Familiarity with the counseling field would be a plus. Hours are somewhat flexible, pay is commensurate with experience and ability, and 6 paid holidays are offered. Great Oaks operates on a set of values that are very important to them and it would be important for anyone who works at Great Oaks to agree to those values.

Great Oaks Counseling, LLC was established over 10 years ago to serve broken and hurting people. We currently have a psychiatrist, a psychiatric APRN and 12 therapists as part of our group. We celebrate and build each other up with quarterly socials and gather for monthly meetings. Great Oaks has a growing reputation in the Omaha community and many churches have used our resources by referring their people to us for counseling. Great Oaks is located near Oak View Mall in Omaha, Nebraska. Phone number to call if interested is 402-932-6500, ask for Linda or Barb.

  Phone number to call if interested is 402-932-6500, ask for Linda or Barb.


Project Coordinator

Responsible for the continued implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Kanesville-Tinley Neighborhood Transformation Initiative for which Children’s Square U.S.A. is serving as the anchor agency. The vision for this grant funded initiative is: The Kanesville Tinley neighborhood will continue to become a vibrant, safe and desirable neighborhood through the rebuilding of human, social and physical infrastructure. Job functions include:
1. Continued development, expansion and capacity-building of the neighborhood and its resident leadership.
2. Successful expansion of the geographic boundaries of the neighborhood west to 10th Street through the engagement and participation of additional households (owned, renter, occupied and landlords) businesses, and institutions.
3. Continue to cultivate and expand effective and meaningful means of communication within the neighborhood and between residents, businesses and institutions in the Kanesville-Tinley neighborhood as well as between the Kanesville-Tinley neighborhood residents, businesses and institutions and its strategic partners, other collaborating entities, city officials and departments, funders and the general public.
4. Development and support of core activities and initiatives that improve social, 
and/or physical conditions, safety and well-being as defined by and with residents through ongoing planning and evaluation activities.

See Human Resources for Full Job Description.

  Interested parties may apply two ways. 
1. Submit resume to, including the subject line "KTNI Project Coordinator"
2. In person at North 6th and Ave E, Council Bluffs IA, 51503.


Direct Support Professionals

DSN - Omaha is currently accepting applications for part-time and full-time Direct Support Professionals to provide direct supports to individuals that have been diagnosed with a developmental disability, mental health needs and/or behavioral disorder. We are currently hiring for our residential locations and supported services.

Applicants must possess good communication and motivational skills, a strong work ethic, a valid driver's license and auto insurance, a good driving record and a strong motivation to see others succeed. Applicants must be at least 19 years of age or older.

Pay for these positions are based upon previous education and experience. Over night hours are paid at a lower rate due to this position being a sleeping position. DSN offers a full benefits package including, but not limited to, 401(k), and gym membership reimbursement.

  To apply: Submit your application online at




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