Speaker’s Bureau Established to Share God’s Work at Grace

In an effort to share the work being done at Grace University, a speaker’s bureau has been established to reach out to business and community organizations, civic groups, churches and youth groups. The goal is to share what God is doing on campus and to develop new friends and advocates for Grace.

Two of the main speakers will be Dr. David Barnes, president, and Thad Bosley Jr., special assistant to the president and executive director of athletics. During their speeches, they will share how Grace University is one of Omaha’s best, but least known, success stories. Their talks will feature:

  • The importance of higher education to help students break the generational curses on their lives
  • How to live ethically in all areas of life
  • Strategizing to use your God-given gifts to achieve your goals
  • Being God’s light in a dark world
  • How students can maintain their Christian faith in college

To book a Grace University speaker for your civic organization, teen meeting, or church retreat, contact Dani Hatfield at 402-292-5553 x. 1484 or dani@alberscommunications.comClick here to download a speaker’s bureau flyer.