“Skies Are Blue” GU Studio Band Project

“Skies Are Blue” GU Studio Band Project

Grace University’s Studio Band produced and released “Skies Are Blue” this past spring.

All songs on the album (except Holy Night) were written, arranged, and recorded by students in the class. Each student contributed their own unique skills/talents to the songs.

The majority of the music was recorded at Commonwealth Studios throughout the 2015-’16 school year.

It is available at all your favorite online music services.


*Skies Are Blue is the product of the Grace University Studio Band class in Omaha, NE.

Rob Benson (drums)
Andrew Dick (bass guitar)
Brian Dick (electric guitar)
Shamez Foster (lyrics/voice/acoustic guitar)
Obed Gamez (assistant recording engineer)
Christa James (lyrics/voice/cello)
Jana James (voice/violin)
Jon Molina (recording engineer)
Julia Nachtigal (lyrics/voice/piano)
Ryan Nordstrom (lyrics/voice/acoustic guitar)
Andy Stone (lyrics/voice)