School of Professional and Graduate Studies

You can pursue three professional undergraduate majors through the Adult Degree Completion Program in the School of Professional and Graduate Studies at Grace University. They are:

  • Business Leadership
  • Ministry Studies
  • Psychology

Students can attend classes year-round to complete their degree requirements. The anticipated time to complete your degree varies according to their transfer credits. For students with an Associate’s Degree or equivalent college experience, the Adult Degree Completion program can be completed in just 18-21 months!

In Adult Degree Completion (ADC), each class meets just one time each week from 6:00-10:00 P.M. Additionally, most students in our program chose to take one course at a time, allowing dedicated focus and emphasis on each course to maximize learning. All students complete classes in general education, open electives, and the core program for their major. 

The following opportunities are available for those with prior personal or professional learning experiences.

  • Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) course, which allows students to earn college credit for their life experiences through the compilation of portfolios. Credits earned through PLA portfolios are available at a discounted tuition rate!
  • CLEP testing

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Online Courses

In January 2016, Grace University launched our first online degree programs! Opportunities are now available for students to earn their degree in Business Leadership, Psychology, or Ministry Studies in an online format.

Like onsite classes, Grace University online students enroll in five-week long courses as they complete their degree. Assignments are due weekly and are submitted through the online course page.

Here are 5 things to know about online learning at Grace University, courtesy of our Online Learning Department.

  1. Grace University online courses are not self-paced courses. Students have the flexibility of working on their homework as it fits into their daily schedule, but have regular deadlines which must be met.
  2. Courses in the Adult Degree Completion program run for five weeks, whether onsite or online. This allows for one course to be taken at a time.
  3. Online courses require participation in weekly class discussions and other assignments. They sometimes require more time than an onsite course, as additional assignments and readings may be required.
  4. Enrolling in an online program requires that you have a computer with regular internet access, as well as a working-knowledge of the computer, Internet, and Microsoft Word.
  5. Establishing a weekly schedule for completing your assignments will be vital to your success! We encourage you to plan your study time into your busy schedule.
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