Walking out Exodus 4

Walking out Exodus 4

We are so thankful to those of you who pray for and give to our students. During our annual fundraising campaign, which provides the resources our students need to reach the call on their lives, we are asking you to ask God how you can partner with us this year. As God prompts you, we ask you to give.

I hope you enjoy meeting Katy. She is just one of the incredible students who has embraced the Christ-centered education at Grace University and is excited about her future.

Everyday at Grace University, God is using caring professors and staff who are invested in the lives of students. Those of us committed to the mission of Grace feel a tremendous responsibility to assist these amazing students move out to their mission field.

Thank you in advance for helping raise up servant leaders for the home, church and world!

Yours for biblically based, Christ-centered education,

David M. Barnes, Ed.D.


P.S. To give today,  click here and mark the Grace Fund on the donation form.

Balancing School … and Everything Else?!?

It can seem like an impossible task. You know you are supposed to go back to school, but how can you when it feels like every minute of the day is already taken up with responsibilities to church, work and family? How can you balance it all?

At Grace University we understand the priorities in your life and the demands on your time. Our academic counselors and professors are prepared to work with you and pray with you as your return to school to reach God’s call on your life. Some helpful hints include:

  • Get organized. Make a designated study space. Have one place in your home or office that contains all of your course materials so you can stay organized.
  • Schedule your priorities. Of course you need to schedule study time and make note of major papers and projects on your calendar. But also put down other priorities such as your kid’s soccer game and date night and make sure you make time for God.
  • Involve your family. Going back to school is a family affair, so make sure they understand why you are going back to school and help them be a part of the experience. Study with your kids when they are doing their homework and model the importance of education.
  • Communicate. Keep the lines of communication open. Share your struggles and successes with your family and professors so they know how they can support you.

Going back to school is not easy, but the rewards are worth it! Contact the School of Professional & Graduate Studies or call (402)449-2826 for more information on online degree programs in Business Leadership, Psychology and Ministry Studies and take the next step today.

Online Learning? Is it for you?

Online Learning? Is it for you?

Many adult learners returning to school are excited about Grace University’s online degree programs. But many who are used to a traditional classroom wonder if online is right for them. A lot of the questions relate to course content or communication with faculty and fellow students.

At Grace University, online learning is a dynamic, integrated experience where you will enjoy the benefits of working from any location and customizing your own study schedule.  You get the benefit of devoted faculty who are committed to getting to know you on a personal level and developing curriculum to meet your educational needs. Grace University online courses are not a one-size-fits-all class pulled off an academic shelf. Our online courses are customized to give you the same academic rigor and personal development as an on-campus course. Professors actively work with you and communicate with you on a regular basis. You will be working with your fellow students and having in-depth discussions to build a strong support network with your classmates as you earn your degrees and grow together.

And most importantly, your courses will have the same biblical integration as all Grace University courses and you will have professors who care for you and is praying for you and God’s call on your life.

Contact the School of Professional & Graduate Studies or call (402)449-2826 for more information on online degree programs in Business Leadership, Psychology and Christian Ministry and take the next step today.

College Preview Days a Success

College Preview Days a Success

More than 50 high school students, parents and youth workers visited Grace University during the College Preview weekend to enjoy the “Grace Experience” and find out just what makes a Grace University education distinctive. Students came from as far away as Texas to learn more about the academic programs and ministry opportunities on campus. 

“We are thrilled to host so many Christian young people who recognize that Grace University is a place where they can reach God’s call on their lives,” said David Barnes, President.

While on campus, students enjoyed a performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, attended a class from their prospective major, experienced Grace L.I.F.E. Chapel, and had lunch with professors.image 2

Grace University, located in Omaha, Neb., is a regionally accredited, private Christian university with more than 40 diverse undergraduate, graduate and adult degree completion programs including education, business, psychology, music, nursing and Grace University, located in Omaha, Neb., is a regionally accredited, private Christian university with more than 40 diverse undergraduate, graduate and adult degree completion programs including education, business, psychology, music, nursing and Christian ministries. The university’s mission is to develop servant leaders for the home, the church and the world through excellence in biblically integrated education. ministries.

Legacy carried on to 4th Generation

Legacy carried on to 4th Generation

What a life changing experience! I recently returned from a two week trip to Lesotho and South Africa. I was asked to accompany my mom, CJ Callahan, and another woman, Sarah, in leading worship for a women’s retreat for missionaries in and around South Africa. These women are working alongside their husbands through Mission Aviation Fellowship. I immediately felt called to go as soon as I was asked. And after weeks of prayer, my mom bought the tickets and we began preparing. I was asked to bring some items from the states to fill up gift bags for the women, namely chocolate bars. Needless to say, I had a forty-five pound suitcase full of chocolate chips and Lindt bars when I was done shopping.

When we arrived in South Africa, after a very long day of flying, we met with some of the missionary women at their houses. Driving through the rural cities opened my eyes to the poverty that gripped the small country of Lesotho. Their roofs had bricks on them to hold them down because people do not have the money to buy nails. The drought had really impacted the people there. The grass was dying and dust storms had ravaged the area. There was actually a huge dust storm occurring when we flew in. The air was very dry, and a lot of the people were dry spiritually as well because of the hardships. I met with Kimberly, a woman who has been living in Lesotho for five years, who just in the last week had adopted a young Basotho girl. She told me about the country and what it is like to live in such conditions. Despite the many challenges that this country faces, the people are very nice and the mountains are stunning. After a day in the city, we headed up to the retreat center, which was actually across the border in South Africa. We put together the gift bags and prepared spiritually for the weekend to come.

Throughout the retreat, I saw God moving in so many ways. As my mom, Sarah, and I led worship, I could see a weight being lifted off the shoulders of these thirty-five women. A lot of the women had seen violence, deaths, and the struggles of so many. They came in with a lot of hurt, but as they heard the songs to the Lord, in their native language, they were overcome with peace and joy. Africa!!!They sang with a passion that was unsurpassed. Just to see the tears flowing from their eyes was worth every minute of preparation. We also had the opportunity to serve them in their free time by giving pedicures. I knelt at their feet and washed the dirt away. I took off the old polish, shaved away their rough edges, smoothed their calloused feet, and put a fresh and colorful coat of nail polish on them.

This was one of the most amazing ways that I saw God working. I kept thinking that this was such an example of what Christ does for us. He washes us clean, scrubs calluses off our hearts, and clothes us in fresh garments. I was overcome by love for these women as I listened to their stories and their missions. The weekend was full of worship, fellowship, reconciliation, and prayer. It all came to a close with the final communion. I played and sang while the women took communion and prayerfully communed with God. What a site to see. As we all said our goodbyes, I found it hard for me to leave. I wanted to stay in that loving community with women so on fire for God and seeking His will. The next day, I was able to see where the husbands of many of the missionary women worked. As part of the Mission Aviation Fellowship, they aid remote villages by transporting people to hospitals and flying in supplies. We were able to see a few of the men fly in and out on missions and see firsthand what it was like in the planes and in the hanger. It really brought to life the stories that I had always read about; missionaries who would fly out to help unreached people, like Nate Saint and Jim Elliot.

On the last day in Lesotho, we were able to volunteer at the orphanage Beautiful Gate. We spent hours just loving on the kids. Most of them were either directly or indirectly affected by AIDS. Some of the kids have the disease and most were orphaned because their mother had passed away from AIDS. Hearing the stories of how these kids got there was heart wrenching. Some were left in fields, dumpsters, or on porches. Despite all of the pain that these little ones had already endured, they were some of the happiest kids I have ever seen. They laughed and jumped on me and held my hand and brushed my hair. They were so excited to have someone there who cared about them. I read books to them and helped feed them too. Again, once I was told that it was time to leave, I did not want to. The children were so precious.

This trip was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I saw God moving in such powerful ways and felt like such of part of what God is doing in South Africa. God is so good!