Missionaries-in-Training Visit Agricultural Center

Training missionaries is the primary focus of the Intercultural Studies Department. Students are being trained to serve in traditional foreign mission settings as well as being trained to serve in intercultural settings within businesses, church ministries, community development and education.

“Our focus on developing the next generation of evangelical leaders on the mission field has not changed since my days as a student at Grace,” said Dr. Mike Schmidt, Intercultural Studies Department Chair. “My goal is to provide opportunities to prepare students for the ministry they will be doing domestically and internationally as they serve as missionaries.”

During a recent field trip, Intercultural Studies students and faculty visited Jonathan Dodd and learned about his ministry, Keipos. This ministry focuses on a gospel-centered perspective as it trains missionaries heading to areas with alternative technologies who will be working with people groups who do not have secure or high-nutrition food sources. Dodd has developed an agricultural center south of Omaha where he trains, educates and disciples people in gospel-centered practices related to hospitality, food and farming.

“We want our Intercultural Studies students to learn through relevant studies, relationships, and real-life experiences,” said Dr. Schmidt. “By connecting them with missionaries in our community, they can learn the skills they need to spread the Gospel in the urban and rural areas around the globe.”