Held to a Higher Standard

Held to a Higher Standard

Held to a Higher Standard

Dear alumni and friends,

Just as you are, our students are called to walk out their faith beyond the status quo. This generation of Grace University students is being discipled for a great mission as they take the gospel out to the world. Our students are benefitting from the characteristics of a Grace University education and using that for greatness in the name of our Lord!

I hope you enjoy hearing the testimony of Josh Pace. Josh’s story is that of so many students who felt God’s leading to come to Grace University and found their calling here. Josh has been obedient to the word of God and has been a good steward of the blessings and talents he has been given. I wish you could meet more of our students and hear each testimony.

We are in the midst of our annual campaign to raise the funds needed to support current students like Josh and incoming students who need scholarship funds. We are so thankful because as you pray and give sacrificially, Josh and others will have the support they need to attend the school to which they were called.

Thank you for prayerfully considering how you can help our students and for giving as you are able!

Yours for biblically based, Christian higher education,

David M. Barnes, Ed.D

p.s. — Check out what students are learning in Chapel four days a week. Click here