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Applying for Financial Aid

It is to your advantage to begin work on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as possible. (Remember that you must also be admitted to Grace University as a degree-seeking student before an award offer can be made to you.) To begin the process, access to request a PIN. Once your PIN has arrived, access this site again and fill out the FAFSA. Be sure to indicate in Step 5 that you would like to have the results sent to Grace (Title IV School Code 002547). The only way to know for sure if you qualify for financial aid is to apply. No single factor such as “income cut-off” is accurate in predicting the likelihood of receiving assistance. Visit FAFSA Online at


The Graduate Alumni Scholarship:

A 25% discount on tuition per credit hour may be received for any graduate program (M.S. Education, M.A. Teaching, M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling, M.A. School Counseling, or M.A. Christian Ministry).

The Graduate Education Scholarship:

Any student entering into the M.A. Teaching or the M.S. Education program during the 2017-2018 school year may receive a 25% discount on tuition per credit hour.

The Graduate Christian Ministry Scholarship:

This is a need-based scholarship. Any student entering into the M.A. Christian Ministry program during the 2017-2018 school year may receive a 10% tuition discount per credit hour.
Note for all scholarships: Overall, all tuition discounts above are strictly for new students who enroll for the first time in 2017-2018. The tuition discount will not be available for returning or re-admit students.  All NEW students who receive tuition discounts in 2017-2018 will keep the same per credit dollar amount scholarship year-over-year until they graduate (but not the percent) as long as they remain at least half-time enrollment. If they completely drop within a semester they were already enrolled, they lose that per credit hour scholarship. 

Other Resources

The Counseling Alumni Scholarship

The Counseling Alumni Scholarship is a fund maintained solely by Grace University Counseling Alumni, and awarded each Fall to a student who has entered the program since the previous Fall.
Click here for more information.

Tuition Assistance

Contact your place of employment for information about tuition assistance plans.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Contact your local Vocational Rehabilitation office to see if you qualify.

Veterans Benefits

For more information on veteran benefits pertaining to Grace University, please contact Liz Bentle at (402) 449-2810.

Federal Direct Loans

Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan

Not need based Must be enrolled at least half-time (three hours per semester) and enrolled as a degree-seeking student. Maximum: $20,500 per academic year Aggregate Limit: $138,500 Fixed Rate: 6.8% on new loans This loan program is designed to help students regardless of family income. Borrower is responsible for paying accrued interest either by making monthly or quarterly payments or by agreeing to have the interest capitalized. Repayment over a ten year period begins six months after ceasing attendance as half-time. Grace strongly recommends borrowing only for the cost of the program.

Monthly Payment Plan

Students are required to pay the net balance due for the semester at registration unless they are using the TMS Payment Plan. The net balance is the amount due after all financial aid is credited toward the student account. Credit Cards accepted: VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER. The TMS Payment Plan charges a $52 per semester enrollment fee. For more information please contact the Business Office of Grace University
Email: Anita Rodriguez

Phone: (402) 449.2821

In the administration of educational policies, scholarship, and loan programs, Grace University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin, physical handicap, or sex.

Loan Forgiveness Program

There is a new scholarship available for graduate students, specifically Masters of Science in Education candidates, that is called the Enhancing Excellence In Teaching Program (EETP). It is a loan forgiveness program that allows students to receive a loan of up to $3,000 per year while in school and to have those loans forgiven if they work the required number of years in an accredited Nebraska school following graduation. The students must complete the EETP application and submit it to the Grace University Graduate Teacher Education Department, Attention Dr. Michelle Lundgren. Further information about the is found on the Nebraska Department of Education website.
Students wishing to apply should contact the Teacher Education Department for specific directions. The deadline each year is May.