Balancing School … and Everything Else?!?

It can seem like an impossible task. You know you are supposed to go back to school, but how can you when it feels like every minute of the day is already taken up with responsibilities to church, work and family? How can you balance it all?

At Grace University we understand the priorities in your life and the demands on your time. Our academic counselors and professors are prepared to work with you and pray with you as your return to school to reach God’s call on your life. Some helpful hints include:

  • Get organized. Make a designated study space. Have one place in your home or office that contains all of your course materials so you can stay organized.
  • Schedule your priorities. Of course you need to schedule study time and make note of major papers and projects on your calendar. But also put down other priorities such as your kid’s soccer game and date night and make sure you make time for God.
  • Involve your family. Going back to school is a family affair, so make sure they understand why you are going back to school and help them be a part of the experience. Study with your kids when they are doing their homework and model the importance of education.
  • Communicate. Keep the lines of communication open. Share your struggles and successes with your family and professors so they know how they can support you.

Going back to school is not easy, but the rewards are worth it! Contact the School of Professional & Graduate Studies or call (402)449-2826 for more information on online degree programs in Business Leadership, Psychology and Ministry Studies and take the next step today.