The Professional Benefits of Completing Your Degree at Grace University

Maybe you’ve been contemplating completing your degree for a while now, but aren’t quite sure if the time and financial investments are worth it. Let us tell you, there’s never been a better time to finish your bachelor’s degree online or oncampus at Grace University.  Here are three reasons why:

1. Relationships

The Adult Degree Completion program at Grace University uses a cohort style of learning. That means as you advance through your program, you’ll be working primarily with the same group of students. The relationships you will build with your cohort peers will provide you with a new network of professionals in your field. In addition, collaboration and teamwork brings the group together, building trust and a personal connection that will last well beyond graduation day.

2. A New Point of View

Completing your degree will not only help you advance in your current career or begin a new career, it will also bring a new point of view to your life. In the Adult Degree Completion program, students learn the newest ideas and strategies in their field of study. As you flex your critical thinking skills within your cohort groups, you’ll also be better apt to lead and communicate within your current position and employee team.

3. Leadership Development

Grace University’s mission is to develop servant leaders who will take their faith into their professions. The faculty are dedicated to strengthening your leadership skills and willing to help as you balance your professional, family and student life. Your time management skills will be sharpened as you build your schedule around work, studies and family – making you more efficient personally and professionally after graduation.

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Grace University, located in Omaha, Neb., is regionally accredited as well as accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) as a private Christian university. Education opportunities abound with more than 40 diverse undergraduate, graduate and adult degree completion programs including education, business, psychology, professional counseling, music, nursing and Christian ministries. The university’s mission is to develop servant leaders for the home, the church and the world through excellence in biblically integrated education.

Held to a Higher Standard

Held to a Higher Standard

Held to a Higher Standard

Dear alumni and friends,

Just as you are, our students are called to walk out their faith beyond the status quo. This generation of Grace University students is being discipled for a great mission as they take the gospel out to the world. Our students are benefitting from the characteristics of a Grace University education and using that for greatness in the name of our Lord!

I hope you enjoy hearing the testimony of Josh Pace. Josh’s story is that of so many students who felt God’s leading to come to Grace University and found their calling here. Josh has been obedient to the word of God and has been a good steward of the blessings and talents he has been given. I wish you could meet more of our students and hear each testimony.

We are in the midst of our annual campaign to raise the funds needed to support current students like Josh and incoming students who need scholarship funds. We are so thankful because as you pray and give sacrificially, Josh and others will have the support they need to attend the school to which they were called.

Thank you for prayerfully considering how you can help our students and for giving as you are able!

Yours for biblically based, Christian higher education,

David M. Barnes, Ed.D

p.s. — Check out what students are learning in Chapel four days a week. Click here

Walking out Exodus 4

Walking out Exodus 4

We are so thankful to those of you who pray for and give to our students. During our annual fundraising campaign, which provides the resources our students need to reach the call on their lives, we are asking you to ask God how you can partner with us this year. As God prompts you, we ask you to give.

I hope you enjoy meeting Katy. She is just one of the incredible students who has embraced the Christ-centered education at Grace University and is excited about her future.

Everyday at Grace University, God is using caring professors and staff who are invested in the lives of students. Those of us committed to the mission of Grace feel a tremendous responsibility to assist these amazing students move out to their mission field.

Thank you in advance for helping raise up servant leaders for the home, church and world!

Yours for biblically based, Christ-centered education,

David M. Barnes, Ed.D.


P.S. To give today,  click here and mark the Grace Fund on the donation form.

Balancing School … and Everything Else?!?

It can seem like an impossible task. You know you are supposed to go back to school, but how can you when it feels like every minute of the day is already taken up with responsibilities to church, work and family? How can you balance it all?

At Grace University we understand the priorities in your life and the demands on your time. Our academic counselors and professors are prepared to work with you and pray with you as your return to school to reach God’s call on your life. Some helpful hints include:

  • Get organized. Make a designated study space. Have one place in your home or office that contains all of your course materials so you can stay organized.
  • Schedule your priorities. Of course you need to schedule study time and make note of major papers and projects on your calendar. But also put down other priorities such as your kid’s soccer game and date night and make sure you make time for God.
  • Involve your family. Going back to school is a family affair, so make sure they understand why you are going back to school and help them be a part of the experience. Study with your kids when they are doing their homework and model the importance of education.
  • Communicate. Keep the lines of communication open. Share your struggles and successes with your family and professors so they know how they can support you.

Going back to school is not easy, but the rewards are worth it! Contact the School of Professional & Graduate Studies or call (402)449-2826 for more information on online degree programs in Business Leadership, Psychology and Ministry Studies and take the next step today.

Online Learning? Is it for you?

Online Learning? Is it for you?

Many adult learners returning to school are excited about Grace University’s online degree programs. But many who are used to a traditional classroom wonder if online is right for them. A lot of the questions relate to course content or communication with faculty and fellow students.

At Grace University, online learning is a dynamic, integrated experience where you will enjoy the benefits of working from any location and customizing your own study schedule.  You get the benefit of devoted faculty who are committed to getting to know you on a personal level and developing curriculum to meet your educational needs. Grace University online courses are not a one-size-fits-all class pulled off an academic shelf. Our online courses are customized to give you the same academic rigor and personal development as an on-campus course. Professors actively work with you and communicate with you on a regular basis. You will be working with your fellow students and having in-depth discussions to build a strong support network with your classmates as you earn your degrees and grow together.

And most importantly, your courses will have the same biblical integration as all Grace University courses and you will have professors who care for you and is praying for you and God’s call on your life.

Contact the School of Professional & Graduate Studies or call (402)449-2826 for more information on online degree programs in Business Leadership, Psychology and Christian Ministry and take the next step today.