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As perspective students ask questions of the program, often times we will post those questions and answers her for future students.

Question One: What does a major in psychology look like at Grace?


Upon the completion of 128 credit hours, the student will receive a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a double major in Biblical Studies.  The psychology major is designed to introduce the student to the empirical study of human behavior. This major provides the student an opportunity to study a wide variety of psychological topics from a Christian world view. Each student will learn the basic skills to allow them to access the professional literature and to understand the research process. Students will become skilled at being able to critically think and write about psychological topics. The major is designed with considerable flexibility for the student. There are basic core classes required for each student, but they are then free to choose from a wide variety of classes to fulfill the requirements of the degree. The students will complete the following program requirements:


§  Biblical/Theological requirements – 33 credit hours

§  General Education requirements – 42 credit hours

§  Professional requirements – 53 credit hours


A special concentration in Drug and Alcohol Counseling is available to students who are interested in a career in this type of counseling. The State of Nebraska states that those individuals who have met the requirements for the counselor certification core education classes and meet the requirements for the supervised practical training may apply for a licensed provisional drug and alcohol counselor. Bachelor’s level training qualifies an individual for Drug and Alcohol Counseling, when the above requirements are met. If a student is interested in this course of study, the following courses must be taken as part of the Psychology electives:


In addition to the drug and alcohol concentration, Psychology students have the option to select a concentration in Community Development and Social Work, Christian Ministry, Business Human Resources, and Intercultural Studies. Beginning with the fall semester 2012, a concentration in Criminal Justice will be available to students.


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