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What is the edge program?

As a six-month global service-learning program, the edge provides a holistic learning environment.  Students are challenged by the difficulties of moving through culture shock in an unfamiliar environment.  The pressures of daily team life combine with a demanding course load.  The edge is difficult. 

Students who emerge from the edge come out as changed people—more mature, humble, and confident.  The edge simultaneously increases one’s tolerance for ambiguity and one’s ability to initiate.  Students find themselves to be more honest and open with themselves and in their relationship to Christ.  

edge teams of four to eight students live, study, and minister together and complete up to 19 credit hours of intercultural and service-based coursework. University professors, qualified host organization personnel and local leaders serve as instructors.  
On the International Track in Mali, West Africa students will take subjects such as World’s Living Religions, French, and Context & Mission.

The Domestic Track in Jackson, MS / Seattle, WA includes subjects such as Poverty in American Society, Christian Social Responsibility, Principles of Christian Community Development and Racism & Prejudice in American Society.  

Both the International and Domestic Tracks include Cultural Anthropology, and Intercultural Relationships 1 & 2. All the courses are covered by caring people experienced in intercultural life and ministry.

Is it for me?

  • Get out of your comfort zone and stretch like never before
  • Experience six months of life from a different point of view
  • Live and work with other students that have similar interests and passions
  • Find out who you really are
  • Learn to relate to people from other cultures
  • Be a part of an accredited undergraduate training program that gives you hands-on experience and rigorous study in subjects such as Cultural Anthropology and Intercultural Relationships, for a combination found nowhere else

…and do that all in close proximity to people experienced in the challenges of intercultural life and service

  • The EDGE takes students from any major and allows them to study in a variety of areas of interest.
  • You don’t have to be planning on living and working overseas long-term to benefit. The knowledge, skills, and attitudes that The EDGE helps you develop can be put to work anywhere you go.

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