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"At times being on the EDGE was frustrating or discouraging but I would not change my experience. Within those frustrating or discouraging times, I learned how to communicate with people, both nationals and my own team, which still impacts me today. Learning to deal with leadership and gaining a more complete view of who I am in Christ and who He wants me to be is also a part of my EDGE experience. The idea that God transcends culture is one aspect of my time in Europe that continues to change me. Living outside of the US for six months opened my eyes to the realities of the world; two-thirds of the population lives in poverty. Stewardship, compassion and generosity mean more to me now that I have lived with less, even for a brief time.." -Rachel

“The EDGE experience was a highlight of my entire intercultural learning. Prior to the EDGE, I had quite a bit of cross-cultural experience, so the EDGE solidified some key intercultural insights and helped me grow significantly. A number of years afterward, I am now able to apply my learning to relevant living. I learned a great deal about myself, including my personality, my leadership style, and my own cultural biases. I also learned how to live and serve in a team environment, and I learned a great deal about practical application of a contextualized gospel. I seek to be used by God in this globalized world, and the EDGE experience helped me grow in cross-cultural insight and applicable Bible knowledge that allows me to live life well.” " -Caleb

“While I was in Mali, West Africa on the EDGE trip I experienced some of the greatest highs and lows of my Christian walk to date. This experience really taught me the value of community in the church and helped me to understand how to communicate and interact with fellow Christians in a way which glorifies God and helps to achieve his purpose in mission. I was also deeply impacted by the reality of the great diversity in God’s church around the world and how this can be hugely useful in understanding and bringing glory God. I would rate the EDGE as one of the most influential experiences in my life. As a result of this program I have been growing spiritually in many areas I would have been unaware of before. It also helped me to become more firmly committed to my desire to contribute to the work of God in missions.” -Lidsey

“My experience on the EDGE in Mali, West Africa was harder than I had thought it would be, but I am glad I went. It opened my eyes to a different culture in a way I could have never known before. I learned to trust my teammates like I had never trusted anyone outside my own family before. I learned to be a part of a new culture and made friends with nationals. The things I learned in Africa are now put into my own life back home, things like deeper relationships, a willingness to try new things, joy in all situations, and generosity. Spending six months in Africa has given me a new desire to bring awareness to American Christians about the hardships and need of our third world brothers and sisters across the globe." -Janna

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