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Who can participate in the EDGE?

  • Students from any major who have completed their sophomore year are welcome.
  • Married students have participated and are evaluated on an individual basis.

What if I am not a Grace University student?

  • It is possible for a non-Grace student to participate on the EDGE program.  Each student will be evaluated for participation.
  • The academic credits earned during the trip should be transferable back to the primary University; however, before going on the trip it would be wise to make sure.

How much does it cost?

  • Each trip costs about $7,000, depending on the specific site location. This does not include tuition costs.
  • All pre-existing grants, scholarships and loans apply to the EDGE program in the same way they apply to any other part of the student’s educational expenses.  Specific Intercultural Studies scholarships are available exclusively to EDGE participants. 

How do I pay for the EDGE?

  • Scholarships, grants, and student loans are applicable to the EDGE in the same manner that they are with the on-campus components of their education.
  • Each student is permitted to raise monies through their local church and individual contributions to help cover travel and living expenses.

Can I choose which study site I will go to?

  • Yes! Students currently have the choice of either sites in Mali, West Africa or Mexico.
  • Sites for Asia and Europe are also upcoming options.

What will I do while I’m there?

  • While you are on your EDGE trip you will participate in up to 18 credit hours of classes.
  • You will also intern with a mission’s organization or national church, learning how to serve cross-culturally.

What if I get sick or hurt?

  • Each student is required to carry insurance specific to life overseas.
  • On-site coordinators are in place to help students should they get seriously sick or injured while overseas.
  • EDGE participants will always have access to local medical services.

Who will I go with?

  • Each EDGE experience involves travel and living with other Grace students.
  • Team work is emphasized and the practical experience of living in community is gained.
  • While you are overseas you will also interact with missionaries and other national believers.

Where will I live?

  • Each team is given very comfortable and safe living arrangements.
  • Living arrangements differ from a team having their own house or apartment, to living in dormitories, to living with host families.

Will I get to know missionaries?

  • You will get to work very closely with missionaries, learning what it is like to work in a different country and the sacrifices that have to be made.
  • You will also be paired up with a missionary or national believer to enjoy a mentorship with them.
  • You will meet with this person throughout your six months.

What if I want to go on the EDGE but do not want to major in Intercultural Studies?

  • It is very possible to go on the EDGE and not major in Intercultural Studies.
  • Usually teams consist of only half of the students in the IS major; the other half comes from all possible majors.
  • Previous EDGE alumni consist of Business, Teacher Ed., Psychology, Urban Ministry, and Pastoral Ministry.

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