Psychology: Concentration in Intercultural Ministry

Why should I choose the Psychology Major?
Psychology is an academic discipline which applies the scientific method to the study of humans, their thinking, and behavior with a long tradition of theories and research investigation. There is also an on-going tradition of examining this psychological knowledge base from a biblical perspective. With the Christian degree in Intercultural Ministry Omaha students are provided with an opportunity to study a wide variety of psychological topics from a Christian world view and learn the skills to access the professional literature and to understand the research process resulting in their being skilled at critically thinking and writing about psychological topics. In addition to the traditional undergraduate psychology degree, the Psychology program offers students the opportunity to select a concentration that interests them including: drug and alcohol counseling, Christian ministry, social work and community development, business and human resources, and criminal justice.

What type of degree will I earn at Grace University if I enroll in this program?
Graduates of the Psychology Program will earn a Bachelor of Science degree.

What kind of jobs would be available to me after I graduate from Grace University with this major?
A Psychology degree will prepare the student for entry into most masters programs. For those who do not choose to pursue graduate study, there are careers in social work, business, Christian Ministry, criminal justice, drug and alcohol counseling or any area where psychological and relational skills training is beneficial. In a recent national survey, psychology graduates were working in a host of career fields because of their writing skills, critical thinking, relational skills, etc.

Total Degree Credits (128)

Bible/Theology Requirements (33)

  • BS 101 Old Testament Survey (4)
  • BS 102 New Testament Survey (4)
  • BS 103 Hermeneutics & Bible Study Methods (3)
  • BS 110 Spiritual Life & Evangelism (2)
  • BS/TH xxx Bible/Theology Electives (9)
  • TH 203 Theology of Church Mission (2)
  • TH 301 Theology 1 (3)
  • TH 302 Theology 2 (3)
  • XX xxx Integrative Courses1 (3)

General Education Requirements (35)

  • EN 101 College Composition 1 (3)
  • EN 203 Technical Writing (3)
  • HU 221/412 Intro to Philosophy or Apologetics (3)
  • HU xxx Humanities Elective (3)
  • MU xxx Music Elective (ensemble accepted) (3)
  • IT 095 Microsoft Office Basic (0)
  • MA 211 Statistics*** (3)
  • PE 101 Introduction to Health & Wellness (2)
  • PE xxx Physical Education Electives (2)
  • PSY 101 General Psychology** (3)
  • PSY 311D Physiological Psychology or SCI Elective (3)
  • SP 120 Oral Communications (3)
  • SS 101 College Orientation (1)
  • SS 204 Introduction to Social Science Research Methods (3)

Professional Requirements (60)

Servant Leadership Training* (8 Semesters)
Grace L.I.F.E.* (8 Semesters)
*For specific requirements, please refer to the Grace

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