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Intercultural Studies Degree Program

Grace University’s Christian Intercultural Studies degree programs in Omaha prepare students to engage in meaningful service across cultures, whether in the US or around the globe.  IS students learn through relevant studies, relationships, and real-life experiences.  Our intentional program design accesses the formal, non-formal and informal learning channels all the way through a student’s career.

At Grace University, the Intercultural Studies department has the goal to produce cross-cultural competency so students can succeed in ministry, business, education and diplomatic efforts within other cultures. Students reach this goal by learning:

  • The theology of the cross-cultural reality.
  • About culture, what it is, how it works and how different cultures interact.
  • The practical skills needed for their career including how to work in church-based ministries, education (especially teaching English), business, community development and psychology/ counseling.

There is vital balance between the study of theory and gaining practical experience. The Intercultural Studies department gives students the basis to understand cross-cultural work, but then provides ongoing practical experiences so students discover how the theories fit into cross-cultural work.

To fulfill academic requirements, students serve and study locally and abroad. The diversity of Omaha provides great experiences with other cultures. Just one way students learn is by pairing up with an experienced mentor to learn how to navigate the reality of cross-cultural ministry and service. Students also spend a semester living, studying and working abroad.

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