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B.A. in English Program

“Bring me my books,” the Apostle Paul implored Timothy. Students who share Paul’s passion for the printed page are invited to major in English at Grace University.

Grace University’s Christian English degree in Omaha¬†will provide students the opportunity to read, study, and discuss literary works spanning the ages and the globe. The major rests upon broad surveys of literature spanning Gilgamesh, the Bible, and the Greek epics on through Shakespeare and to the best writing being published today. Courses in American and British Literature, World Literature, and the Bible as Literature allow more in-depth study of specific periods and genres. Four new courses were created specifically for the program: Major Authors, Literary Periods, Literary Genres, and a senior capstone course, Topics in Literature. Each of the four new courses was designed to be open-ended, meaning its content can change from year to year depending upon the expertise of the professor and the interests of students. Should a student wish to study an author or topic not contained within our standard offerings, one of our professors would welcome the opportunity to tailor a directed study to meet your interest.

Grace’s English degree program is distinguished by its emphasis on biblical integration. Approaching literary works with a thoroughly biblical worldview will prepare students to be engaged world citizens equipped with a biblically based criteria for assessing the merit of literary works. For students who love stories, the English faculty at Grace will fan the flames within those students by introducing them to hitherto unknown authors and books that will provide them a lifetime of enjoyable and edifying reading.

The department’s faculty boasts three longtime Grace University instructors: Amy Hurley, Danna Swartz, and Gary Peterson. Each of these professors has a distinct teaching style and a diverse area of expertise that complements those of his or her colleagues.

Students majoring in English at Grace will be equipped to sift wheat from chaff in a literary world where never more true is Solomon’s observation that of the making of books there is no end.


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Minor in English

The English Department also offers an 18-credit minor in English. This option allows students in other majors to benefit from a broad overview of literature as well as to choose upper-level courses of particular interest to them.