Mission Statement

Grace University Christian Teaching degree programs in Omaha NE exist to develop servant leaders within the education profession through excellence in biblically integrated instruction and student-focused service learning.

Program Strengths

From its distinguished faculty to its state-of-the-art facilities to its timely, relevant course content, the Teacher Education Department continually demonstrates its profound commitment to providing a best-in-class, state-certified, and Christ-centered teacher preparation program.
The Teacher Education Department offers bachelor and master-level degrees in Education. The teacher preparation programs have a standard approval status with the Nebraska Department of Education. The goal of these programs is to prepare teacher candidates in defined areas of endorsement who meet the certification requirements of the Nebraska Department of Education as well as the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

Why did Grace start a teacher education department?

This program is designed for students who desire to teach in public schools or private schools. Because of the growing Christian school movement and its need for teachers who have developed a Christian philosophy of education and have integrated their knowledge of the Bible with professional and general knowledge subjects, Grace University launched this program in 1998. Grace also recognized that qualified Christians can have a significant impact on society by serving as educators in public settings as well as other educational settings such as private sectarian or religious schools.

Student Growth

As a part of the Teacher Education curriculum, Grace graduates:

  • —Demonstrate an understanding of and appreciation of the philosophy, history, and operation of the private and public school, especially of the private Christian school.
  • —Demonstrate proficiency in the subject areas in which one will be instructing students.
  • —Show familiarity with current curriculum, methods, and materials essential for a new teacher within the scope of the teacher‘s endorsement area.
  • —Demonstrate the necessary teaching strategies and skills, management techniques, and personal attitudes normally expected of a successful new teacher consistent with the 10 Principles of Assessment established by INTASC.
  • —Demonstrate an understanding of, a concern for, and a desire to teach students.
  • —Fulfill the objectives of the Biblical Studies Department.
  • —Fulfill the objectives of the General Education Department.

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