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Associate of Education

Why should I choose the Associate of Education program?

This program is designed for students who desire to teach in public schools or private schools. Because of the growing Christian school movement and its need for teachers who have developed a Christian philosophy of education and have integrated their knowledge of the Bible with professional and general knowledge subjects, Grace University launched this program in 1998. Grace also recognized that qualified Christians can have a significant impact on society by serving as educators in public settings as well as other educational settings such as private sectarian or religious schools. The program has standard approval status with the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE). The goal of the program is to prepare educators in defined areas of endorsement who meet the certification requirements of the Nebraska Department of Education as well as the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

What type of degree will I earn at Grace University if I enroll in this program? Graduates of the Associate of Education program will earn an Associate of Arts degree.

What kind of jobs would be available to me after I graduate from Grace University with this major? This degree will prepare the student for work as a para-professional in a Christian or public school setting.

Total Degree Credits

Bible/Theology Requirements (17)

BS 101 Old Testament Survey (4)
BS 102 New Testament Survey (4)
BS 103 Hermeneutics & Bible Study Methods (3)
BS 110 Spiritual Life & Evangelism (2)
TH 200 Survey of Theology (2)
TH 203 Theology of Church Mission (2)

General Education Requirements (30)

EN 101 College Composition 1 (3)
EN 102/103 Creative Writing or College Composition 2 (3)
HU 221/414 Intro to Philosophy or Ethics (3)
HU xxx Literature Elective (3)
MA 201/211 College Algebra or Statistics (3)
PE 101 Introduction to Health & Wellness (2)
SCI xxx Science Elective (3)
SP 120 Oral Communications (3)
SS 101 College Orientation (1)
SS xxx Social Science Electives (6)

Professional Requirements (18)

ED 200 Orientation & Field Experience (2)
ED 201 Education Psychology (3)
ED 202 Classroom Management (2)
ED 203 Pluralism & Cultural Diversity (2)
ED 302 Introduction to Special Education (3)
PSY 211 Child Development (30)
ED 321/421 Practicum in Education (0)
ED 411/413/415 Reading Methods or Diagnostic & Remedial Reading Skills or Literature for Children through Adolescence (3)

Servant Leadership Training* (4 Semesters)
Grace L.I.F.E. * (4 Semesters)

*For specific requirements, please refer to the Grace University Student Handbook.
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