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Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.

Matthew 5:6

Business & Technology Degrees

Business and Technology at Grace University is not just about learning tools to read balance sheets or promote business interests.  It’s about preparing students for the challenges found in a typical business setting as well as non–profit ministry and even cross-cultural settings.  With the Christian business degree programs Omaha students gain a combination of biblical foundational teachings with practical business instruction. This mix prepares students to be servant leaders throughout the business world.  The program offers majors in areas of study ranging from Business Administration and Accounting to Computer Information Systems and Intercultural Administration.  Each student will build a strong business philosophy based on biblical and theological principles taught in each course.

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Business Degrees

Our Distinctives

Servant Leadership

Developing servant leaders is at the core of Grace University’s mission. In the Business & Technology program we apply a practical model of servant leadership that translates into tangible actions in the workplace. The elements of servant leadership: empathy, awareness, foresight, stewardship, building community, and commitment to the growth of people, are interwoven throughout the business curriculum.

Students learn how to integrate servant leadership into all aspects of their work lives and vocational paths. Our business faculty challenges students to consider their purpose, character and opportunities to serve through targeted assignments and classroom discussion, preparing them to be effective servant leaders when they transition from school to the marketplace.


Grace business students have diverse interests and motivations for pursuing a degree in Business Administration. Some will become leaders in non-profit organizations or churches, others will become part of large corporations or small businesses in specific functional areas. Our goal is to instill a business-as-mission mindset in our students that will help them to see their work as a ministry, whether in a for-profit or not-for-profit setting.

  • Business-as-Mission takes on at least five forms:
  • Kingdom business: operating a business of any kind on biblical principles. Viewing business as a mission field.
  • Entrepreneurship to support local ministry (all profits used to fund ministry within a geographical community).
  • Business to fund global ministries: large-scale manufacturing and distribution where profits are used to support worldwide ministries.
  • Micro-lending to help address social and economic needs in developing and under-resourced cultures.
  • Business as creative-accessmissions: using business as a doorway to provide ministry in creative access locations.

We help students identify their strengths and interests and guide them to explore which Business-as-Mission approach best suits them. They are introduced to resources and opportunities to discover, in-depth, the various models and are encouraged to pursue internships and training programs that will give them knowledge and experience while they are in school.