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The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry degree is designed to provide students with a graduate level education from within the evangelical tradition. Its purpose is to train and educate men and women for various kinds of Christian service. This program is targeted to three groups of people: (1) those who would like to enter Vocational Christian service on the staff of a local church or a parachurch ministry; (2) those already involved in vocational Christian service who desire to improve their biblical and ministry skills; and (3) lay leaders within church and parachurch ministries who desire advanced training so as to broaden and extend their effectiveness for the cause of Christ.


Theological & Biblical Studies
The program of study for the Theological Studies and Biblical Studies and concentrations is a general curriculum that includes classes in biblical studies, theological studies, and select ministry skills. Graduates in either of these concentrations are prepared to knowledgeably interpret and apply the Bible, develop and utilize some advanced ministry skills, and address contemporary issues in our culture and the world.

Ministry Leadership
The Ministry Leadership concentration is designed for students who desire to enhance their skills and training in order to serve in administrative or leadership positions within local church or parachurch (church-related) ministries.  Various offerings relate to ministry skills, ministry leadership, teaching and speaking skills and the biblical and theological foundations for ministry in the contemporary world.

Rural Church Ministry
This concentration helps prepare students who anticipate going into rural ministry and sharpen the skills of those who are already serving in a rural context. Four courses are offered, all in the first two weeks of June, and all at the Rural Home Missionary Association (RHMA) headquarters building in Morton, Illinois. One course provides an overview of town and country ministry, three courses examine how common pastoral tasks are shaped by the town and country context. For more information, including course descriptions and schedules, see the TACT website at

Counseling Ministry
The concentration in Counseling Ministry is designed for the student who wishes to be involved in counseling and/or educational ministry in the local church or with a Christian organization/program.  The concentration seeks to provide an integrated, interdisciplinary focus that emphasizes a Biblical foundation, contemporary learning and counseling strategies and practical experience.  The Ministry Concentration in Counseling is not designed to lead to licensure as a professional counselor.

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Total Credit Hours (48)

Core Requirements (9)
BS 503 Hermeneutics (3)
MS 501 Formation of Spirituality (3)
TS 502 Introduction to Theological Studies (3)

Foundation Requirements (12)
Theology Studies (3)
Biblical Studies (9)
Concentration Requirements (12)

Remaining Requirements (6)
Ministry Studies Electives (6)
Counseling Ministry options
MS 526 Family Ministry (2)
MS 528 Discipleship (2)
CS 595 Counseling Ministry Internship (2)

Open Electives (9)
Electives (9)

Total Concentration Credit (12)

Theological Studies
Electives (12)

Biblical Studies
Electives (12)

Ministry Leadership
MS 541 Curriculum and Teaching (3)
MS 562 Leadership in the Local Church (2)
Electives (7)

Rural Church
MS 560 Ministry in the Town & Country Church (3)
MS 563 Leading the Town & Country Church (3)
MS 564 Faith Communication in the Town & Country Context (3)
MS 565 Pastoral Care in Town & Country Context (3)
*These courses are taken at RHMA Headquarters in Morton, IL.
The courses are offered in a five-day concentrated format
during the summer.

Counseling Ministry
CS 512 Family Counseling or
CS 618 Marriage Counseling (3)
CS 626 Crisis Intervention & Trauma (3)
CS 536 Counseling Ministry (3)
CS 545 Small Group Experience (3)
CS 551 Helping Relationships (3)