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WEATHER ALERT - Grace University offices closed & classes canceled Monday, January 22, 2018 due to inclement weather.

Academic Advisors

All students enrolled at Grace are assigned a faculty advisor. Faculty advisors assist students in course selection and are available for consultation when advice is needed. Advisors are generally assigned based upon a student’s chosen field of study (when known), and can provide assistance in course selection. Students are required to seek advice and approval from a faculty member before registration each semester. While the student is ultimately responsible to assure that graduation requirements are met, an advisor will provide aid in identifying and planning a program of study that is suited to student’s interests and program requirements.

A student/advisor relationship can be an important component of a college education. Advisors not only take an interest in their particular field of study, but they also help students in various aspects of their college experience, including personal and spiritual advice when appropriate.

Advisors are certainly not replacement parents to students. But for most students, their overall educational experience extends well beyond the classroom. It is recommended that a student cultivate a warm and respectful relationship with their Faculty Advisor.

To touch base with your Faculty Advisor, please call the Academic office at (402) 449-2845.

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