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Our Beliefs


As a Christ-centered educational institution, Grace University consciously recognizes and submits itself to the Scriptures. The University does not require students to agree with all the nuances of its Doctrinal Statement, but we do ask them to subscribe to certain Biblical tenets of faith. Grace identifies these seven primary doctrines as the following:

  • The Trinity
  • The Full Deity and Humanity of Jesus Christ
  • The Spiritual Lostness of the Human Race
  • The Substitutionary Atonement and the Bodily Resurrection of Christ
  • Salvation by Faith Alone
  • The Physical and Visible Return of Christ
  • The Authority and Inerrancy of Scripture

Faculty will teach with the full Doctrinal Statement in mind; but we welcome warm dialogue with students of varying backgrounds who subscribe to the above positional statements.

Members of the Board of Trustees, Administration, and Faculty are required to annually affirm, in good conscience, the Institutional Doctrinal Statement in writing.

Doctrinal Statement

For more information regarding our beliefs download this excerpt from the University Catalog and read the full Doctrinal Statement. This is the unabridged Doctrinal Statement of the University that provides the basis for doctrinal agreement. Copies of this document are available from the President’s and Academic Offices.

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