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Faculty & Staff Listings


Name Title Phone
Alford, Susan E. Professor; Teacher Education Department Chair (402) 449-2932
Alfieri, Michael Adjunct, Business & Technology n/a
Allen, Larry Adult Degree Completion Program Instructor n/a
Applegarth, Jessica Resident Director n/a
Austin, Joshua Adjunct-Percussion n/a


Name Title Phone
Backhuus, Troy Associate Professor, Counseling (402) 449-2930
Barnes, David President (402) 449-2809
Berry, Harold Adjunct-Biblical Studies n/a
Blakeman, Sherry Housekeeping (402) 449-2889
Bloch, Talea Adjunct-Music n/a
Bonk, Michelle Assistant Registrar (402) 449-2833
Brick, Ben Library Director (402) 449-2893
Brott, Rachelle Admissions Counselor (402) 449-2868
Burdic, Stephanie A. Adjunct-Teacher Education n/a


Name Title Phone
Camp, Tom Facilities-Maintenance (402) 449-2980
Campbell, Justine Assistant Professor, Teacher Education (402) 449-2942
Carlson, Debi Facilities-Housekeeper (402) 449-2980
Chappell, Kim Associate Professor, Teacher Education (402) 449-2924
Clark, Thomas Adult Degree Completion Program Instructor n/a
Corti, J. Kellie Associate Professor; Communications Department Chair (402) 449-2839
Crum, Thalia Nurse, Nursing Program Advisor (402) 449-2871


Name Title Phone
Dahlquist, Dick Adjunct-Bible n/a

Degner, Hannah

Adjunct-Music n/a

Dehmer, Mackenzie

Director of Financial Aid, Adjunct-Music (402) 449-2810

Dennert, Peter

IT Help Desk (402) 449-2835

Dillon, Jim

Grounds Supervisor (402) 449-2981

Duncan, Larry

Adjunct-Counseling n/a

Dunlap, Linda

Adjunct-Humanities n/a


Name Title Phone
Eckman, James P. President Emeritus; Professor, History and Biblical Studies (402) 449-2808
Eng, Roger Adult Degree Completion Program Instructor n/a


Name Title Phone
Farwell, Anita Multi-Cultural Engagement & Donor Gifts Coordinator (402) 449-2811 & 2941
Fast, Joanne Administrative Assistant to the President (402) 449-2809
Ferguson, Gary Maintenance Supervisor (402) 449-2859
Fjare, Joy Administrative Assistant - Academic Office  (402) 449-2845
Fohner, Mary Facilities-Office Manager (402) 449-2889
Franck, Tanya Women's Soccer Coach  n/a
Franz, Trevor Marketing Representative Assistant (402) 449-2988
Freeman, Colleen Assistant Professor, Psychology (402) 449-2950
Friesen, Mel Director of Planned Giving and Major Gifts n/a


Name Title Phone
Gall, Robert S. Associate Professor; Psychology Department Chair (402) 449-2862
Gerhard-Burnham,  Beth Associate Professor, Counseling Program (402) 449-2847
Goodsell, Christine Graduate Admissions Counselor (402) 449-2832


Name Title Phone
Hamm, Douglas Adjunct-Intercultural Studies n/a
Hammond, Bill Chief Enrollment Officer (402) 449-2917
Harder, Joseph Adjunct-Social Sciences, Theology n/a
Harden, Matt Adjunct-Music n/a
Harder, Lisa Adult Degree Completion Program Instructor, Adjunct-Psychology n/a
Hauge, Dan Christian Ministry Instructor (402) 449-2813

Hayes, Jim

Adjunct-Biblical Studies, Adult Degree Completion Program Instructor n/a

Heil, Teresa

Adjunct-Music n/a
Hennings, Aileen Program Support Manager (402) 449-2850
Hoffman, Deb Adjunct-Counseling n/a
Holmes, John D. Associate Professor, Biblical Studies (402) 449-2873

Hood, Jon

Adjunct-Teacher Education n/a

Hooker, Melba

Associate Professor-Teacher Education (402) 449-2962

Hughes, DeWayne

Adjunct-Business & Technology n/a
Hundahl, John Development Consultant n/a
Hunsberger, Courtney Adjunct-Teacher Education n/a
Hurley, Amy Adjunct-Humanities, Teacher Education n/a


Name Title Phone
James, Jeffrey R. Associate Professor, Music (402) 449-2853
Jareo, David Adult Degree Completion Program Instructor n/a
Jenkins, Jessica Accounts Receivable Specialist (402) 449-2822
Johnson, Kalli Adjunct-Music n/a
Johnson, Terry Servant Leadership Training Director; EXCEL Instructor; Adjunct-Bible (402) 449-2843


Name Title Phone
Keeney, Darryl Adult Degree Completion Program Instructor n/a
Kelderman, Brent Adjunct Instructor-Mathematics n/a
Kunkle, Bobby Adjunct-Music  n/a


Name Title Phone
Lancaster, Terra Housekeeping Supervisor (402) 449-2860
Larson, Edward Facilities-Grounds (402) 449-2980
Linder, Mark Associate Professor, Biblical Studies (402) 449-2856
Lundgren, Casey Adjunct-Teacher Education n/a
Lundgren, Michelle L. Professor, Teacher Education (402) 449-2929


Name Title Phone
McNeel, Hunter Facilties-Grounds (402) 449-2980
McNeel, Jon Dean of Men, Adjunct & Adult Degree Completion Program Instructor (402) 449-2858
Mohanan, Girja Intercultural Studies n/a
Moore, Courtney Women's Volleyball Coach (402) 449-2812


Name Title Phone
Nebeker, Gary L. Vice President, Christian Formation and Student Services; Professor, Theology (402) 449-2915


Name Title Phone
Odom, J. David Associate Professor, Christian Ministry (402) 449-2943
Oegema, Nick Resident Director n/a
Orange, Thomas Adjunct-Teacher Education n/a
Oreskovich, Kristina Adjunct-Music n/a
Osmanson, Deb Assistant Vice President of Administration (402) 449-2844
Owens, Earl Facilities-Engineer (402) 449-2980


Name Title Phone
Padin, Joel Associate Professor; Business and Technology Department Chair (402) 449-2829
Pagenkemper, Karl E. Vice President of Academic Affairs; Professor, Biblical Studies (402) 449-2851
Pahl, Don Adjunct-Biblical Studies, Adult Degree Completion Program Instructor n/a
Parsons, John Adjunct-Business n/a
Peterson, Gary Assistant Professor; Humanities Department Chair (402) 449-2913
Pribyl, Mike Adjunct-P.E. n/a
Prosch, Al Adult Degree Completion Program EXCEL Instructor n/a


Name Title Phone
Ramsey, Richard A. Associate Professor, Christian Education & Ministry Department Chair (402) 449-2842
Reelfs, Tera Adjunct-Mathematics n/a
Reimer, Joyce L. Adjunct-Music n/a
Rodriguez, Anita L. Director of Finance; Adjunct & Adult Degree Completion Program Instructor (402) 449-2821
Rodriguez, Luis Adjunct-Psychology n/a
Rosenbluth, Carole Director, Pioneer College Caterers (402) 449-2882
Ruiz, Daniel Housekeeping (402) 449.2889
Rye, Tara Dean of Women (402) 449-2849


Name Title Phone
Santoro, C. James Dean College of Professional & Graduate Studies; Associate Professor (402) 449-2910
Schmidt, Les Adjunct-Science n/a
Schmidt, Mike Associate Professor; Intercultural Studies Department Chair (402) 449-2848
Schultz, James Adjunct-Music n/a
Schwepker, Steve Sports Information Director (402) 449-2963
Seaman, Meredith Vice President of Advancement (402) 449-2877
Shope, Ronald J. Professor of Communications; Director of Assessment and Institutional Research; Director of Accreditation (402) 449-2872
Simm, Bethany Office Manager, Student Services (402) 449-2923
Smeltzer, Deb Administrative Assistant to the Executive Vice President and Accounts Payable (402) 449-2819
Smith, Roy Database Administrator (402) 449-2914
Smith, Tiffany Director of Athletic Administration (402) 449-2888
Smith, Trevor Admissions Counselor (402) 449-2916
Standerford, Carla Adjunct-Humanities n/a
Stortenbecker, Camille Teacher Education Project Coordinator (402) 449-2834
Stortvedt, Colleen Adjunct-Counseling n/a
Suhr, Tammy Facilities-Housekeeper (402) 449-2980
Swartz, Danna Adjunct-Humanities; Grants & Communications Initiatives n/a


Name Title Phone
Temple, Rob Adjunct-Music n/a
Thapa, Min Information Technology Specialist (402) 449-2954
Tharnish, Bernie Facilities-Housekeeper (402) 449-2980
Tulsie, Cliff Adult Degree Completion Program Instructor n/a


Name Title Phone
Udd, Kris J. Registrar; Associate Professor (402) 449-2838


Name Title Phone
Vermooten, Linda J. Associate Professor, Counseling Department Chair (402) 449-2912
Villarreal, Cody Adjunct-Music n/a
Vinter, Jon Adjunct-Philosophy n/a


Name Title Phone
Walter, Kathy Academics: Library; Music; Teacher Education (402) 449-2947
Wendt, Eric Marketing Representative (402) 449-2827
Wiebe, Tim Adjunct-Theology n/a
Wild, Allison Admissions Counselor (402) 449-2870
Williams, Willie Assistant Professor; Basketball Coach; ARC Director (402) 449-2824
Workman, Jason Adjunct-Psychology n/a

Wulbecker, Mike

Director of Online Education & Educational Technology; PE Instructor

(402) 449-2985


Name Title Phone


Name Title Phone
Zielke, Gregory D. Professor; Music Department Chair (402) 449-2852
Ziska, Rebekah Housekeeping (402) 449-2889

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