Who We Are

Business and Technology at Grace University is not just about learning tools to read balance sheets or promote business interests. It’s about preparing students for the challenges found in a typical business setting as well as non-profit ministry and even cross-cultural settings. The program combines a biblical foundation with practical business instruction to prepare students to be servant leaders throughout the business world. The program offers majors in areas of study ranging from Business Administration and Accounting to Computer Information Systems and Intercultural Administration. Each student will build a strong business philosophy based on biblical and theological principles taught in each course.

University History

Grace University was born in prayer as a group of ten Christian leaders met in Omaha, Nebraska, on June 1, 1943, to pray and plan for a college-level institution that would be...

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Educational Goals and Values

Three core values shape the goals and objectives of Grace University: Academic excellence, life change and world impact. In line with its mission, the overall goal is for each student to...

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What Makes Us Different

The education offered at Grace University differs from a secular liberal arts education or even a Christian liberal arts education in a number of ways. Students should note the following...

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Our Beliefs

As a Christ-centered educational institution, Grace University consciously recognizes and submits itself to the Scriptures. The University does not require students to agree with all the...

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Accreditations and Affiliations

Grace University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association Last ten-year reaffirmation: 2008...

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Grace University is located in beautiful Omaha, Nebraska. Our Campus is located approximately two blocks from the historical downtown business district...

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