Embracing the Mistake

For though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again… Proverbs 24:16

The anticipation of finishing up the lion drawing filled me with excitement. I could not wait to share it with the team. At this point, I had spent nearly 21 hours drawing and praying over the team as I created the lion. I only had two small sections left to fill. We were driving along the freeway and I did not want to wait until we arrived at our destination so I pressed on in my drawing. The roads were smooth and I did not think it would interfere. Just as I started to draw, we hit a major bump in the road and I drew a a line across the section that messed up the design I was going to create. At first, I froze and gasped, but then I told myself, “Wait! Just as in life we must embrace the pain in order to grow, how can I embrace this mistake and use it for the glory of God?” I looked at it for a minute said a short, “Help me LORD!” prayer and then I had an idea. It was not the design I had originally intended, but it was beautiful in its own right. When someone gazes at the lion, they would never know that I had messed up when I only had about 10 minutes left in drawing when I had spent a total of 21 and a half hours preparing.

Sometimes, we mess up bad. We hit a major bump in the road, we make a choice that causes us to fall into the pit of sin. We say something we should not have or just choose the wrong path for a season. Instead of fighting God, we need to just embrace it and ask Him to help us move through it. Without our realizing it, it will become a part of God’s great design in how He grows our character. When we embrace our mistakes by owning them this is when God can use them.

Father, please help us to embrace our mistakes and give them over to You!

Simply, Dr. Tara Rye

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