Information Technology

We have a variety of technical resources available for students, faculty, and staff to gain online access and stay connected throughout the Grace campus. Listed on this page are all IT resources, including instructions on how to access them around campus.

Your Account (My Grace Login)

Every active student at Grace has an account that gives them access to all the IT resources available on campus. To log into your account you will need a username and password. Your username is the same as your e-mail address and will act as your personal identification for using the university’s technology services.

This account stays active while you are enrolled at Grace.  All accounts are created once you have registered for classes. Once your registration process is complete, you are notified of your account name and password during your initial orientation.

You can access all your student information and important university services by clicking on the My Grace Login tab on our website, or visit the direct link at

Note the following parameters regarding your Student account:

  • Passwords are required to be changed every 150 days. Any time you want or need to change your password, go to and enter your username and password. Then enter a new password and confirm the new password. 
  • Passwords should be at least 7 characters in length.
  • Passwords are case sensitive.
  • Combinations of alpha and numeric characters make the best passwords.
  • Don’t give your password to anyone!
  • Accounts are deleted from the system after a student has not been registered for more than one calendar year.

Email Access

All official university communications concerning registration, billing, important university news, and more is sent to your Grace University email account. This important service gives students, faculty and staff a common communications tool. Your email account is based on Microsoft Outlook and provides you with:

  • Secure online email storage with virus scanning
  • Calendar and scheduling
  • University address book
  • Personal contact list
  • Personal task list

IQ Web

IQ Web allows you to register for classes and update your personal information stored in our system. You can also view other information specific to you academic records including:

  • grade reports
  • account balance
  • financial aid status
  • class schedule and locations
  • course catalog and section offerings

Computers in Residence Halls

Each dorm room is equipped with one or more network connections (RJ-45). Each connection requires a standard Ethernet cable and 10/100BaseT Ethernet provided by the student. The only configuration necessary is that your network card be set to “Obtain an IP address automatically” and that your internet browser be set to “Automatically detect settings”.

If you need further information or assistance please see the PC Help. Grace University is responsible for the connection into the room; any problems with your personal computer are your personal responsibility. If you need advice or assistance the Computer Helpdesk can point you in the right direction and will assist when possible.

Note the following parameters regarding Residence Halls Computers:

  • Personal computer use in the dorms is governed by the “Acceptable Use Policy”*
  • There is an internet content filter that requires you to log on with your username and password before allowing you to view any web pages.
  • Personal wireless access points are not allowed. Please remember that the network connection in your room and internet service on campus is a shared resource. It is imperative that all users follow safe computing guidelines in order to maintain high speeds and stability.
Acceptable Use Policy - All students, faculty, staff, and visitors of University e-mail and computer systems are governed by the "Acceptable Use Policy" found in the student handbook. Failure to comply with this policy may result in denial of access to University information systems or other disciplinary action.

Telephones in Residence Halls

Due to lack of use, the telephone jacks in the dorm rooms are no longer kept connected to our phone system. If you need to be able to connect a telephone in your dorm room, please contact the PC Helpdesk so we can connect your line.

Note: DO NOT plug your computer into a phone jack and try to use it for dial-up internet access; remember high-speed access is provided at no extra charge.

Microsoft Software

Microsoft Office 2007 is the default software for our campus documents, If you do not have Microsoft Office 2007, you may purchase a copy in the Student Development Office for $15. For more information regarding Microsoft Software, contact PC Help at x2904 or email

We may be upgrading to Office 2010 in early 2012, at that time, new disks will be available for purchase.

Computer Lab Locations

Open-access computers are available for students, faculty and staff. The computer labs in the Administration Building (ADM) and Stanford Hall (STH) are open until curfew each night. The computer lab in the Library, located in the Tschetter Academic Building (TAB), is open based on Library hours.

Below is a list of all computer lab locations on campus:

Location Description Room Number
Teacher Education Wing ADM 210
Stanford Hall STH 214
Library TAB 141

Network Storage

When you log in to your grace account on campus, your ‘My Documents’ folder is actually stored on a network server. This allows you to access your files from any computer on campus. Those files are private and are backed-up on a regular basis and you have enough storage space for all of the papers you write throughout your college career.

PC Helpdesk

The PC Helpdesk is located in the Information Services Center (ISC) on the 1st floor of the Administration Building. Its purpose is to provide computer and technical support to students, faculty, and staff in a centralized location. You can come to the PC Helpdesk for assistance with and IQ Web accounts, software questions, trouble with external drives, and more. Please be prepared to show your student ID for assistance.

To contact the PC Helpdesk you can call x2904, e-mail, or visit the office in the ISC.

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