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Paying for College

We offer quality education at the lowest total cost for private accredited institutions in the nation. At Grace University, 82% of undergraduate students receive some type of financial assistance. It is very important when comparing costs that you focus on the total expense after financial aid, rather than merely the size of any scholarship awards. For example, an $8,000 scholarship from one college, costing $18,000, looks better than a $3,000 scholarship from another college, costing $12,000. However, in this example you would end up paying $10,000 to attend the first college, but only $9,000 to attend the second college. The second college is a better value.

We want to help you get the best value out of your college experience by providing the financial help you need. There are several different means to consider when determining how to finance an education at Grace University:

All these are great places to look when you begin your financial aid search.

Financial Need Calculation

The first step in receiving the aid you need is calculating the amount it will cost you to complete your academic program. Calculation of financial need for one complete school year includes both direct and indirect costs. Estimated costs include 30 hours tuition, fees, books, supplies, housing, dining, transportation, and personal living expenses. For current Grace University estimates, contact the Admissions Office at (402) 449-2931.

Review the Financial Aid Links located on the right side (top) of this page to get more information about the different financial aid options.

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