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Apply Online

You can apply to Grace University online or by downloading an application and returning it to the Admissions Office. Once you have completed your application, a member of our Admissions Team will contact you to schedule a meeting and discuss your enrollment.

This application is for high school students applying for college admission or transfer students who are interested in a traditional college experience.

Graduate Studies

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This application is for students who have already completed a bachelor degree.

This application is for adult students who wish to complete a bachelor degree in an accelerated format.

Limited Enrollment

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This application is for those who are interested in taking a few classes (i.e. Early Entry Students), and not interested in pursuing a degree at this time.


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*Undergraduate Only

Other Forms and Information for Download

*Forms required for Graduate Applications

*Forms required for Degree Completion Applications

Need Help?

If you experience difficulty with any of the online forms, please notify the Admissions Office at 1 (800) 383-1422 so that we may work with you to get your application completed.

More Resources

Tour Our Campus

See a virtual map of our campus, with information on student housing, recreational facilities, and key resources.

Campus Life

Review the different ways students spend their time on and off campus while attending Grace University.

Interested in Athletics?

Do you want to play college sports? Learn about our sports teams or follow the teams here!

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