Faculty Bios

Susan Alford

Director of Teacher Education
Office: Admin 216
Email: salford@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2932
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Troy Backhuus

Associate Professor of Counseling
Office: Grace Counseling Center
Email: tbackhuus5828@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2930
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Ben Brick

Library Director
Office: Grewcock Library
Email: bbrick@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2979
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Justine Campbell

Instructor, Director of Practicum (Field Experience)
Office: Teacher Education Department
Email: jcampbell1500@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2942
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Kim Chappell

Associate Professor, Teacher Education
Office: Admin 254
Email: kchappell2911@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2924
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Kellie Corti

Associate Professor, Director of Communication Studies Program
Office: Admin 312
Email: Jcorti6354@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2839
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Jim Eckman

President Emeritus
Office: Admin 352
Phone Number: (402) 449-2808
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Colleen Freeman-Hensarling

Assistant Professor, Psychology
Office: Admin 325
Phone Number: (402) 449-2590
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Robert Gall

Associate Professor, Psychology Department Chair
Office: Admin 325
Email: rgall5608@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2862
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Dan Hauge

Part-Time Professor in Pastoral Ministries
Office: Admin 353
Email: dhauge@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2813
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John Holmes

Academic Dean, Traditional Programs
Office: Admin 251
Email: jholmes@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2873
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Melba Hooker

Associate Professor of Teacher Education
Office: Teacher Education
Email: mhooker7687@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2962
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Jeff James

Associate Professor of Music
Office: Admin 455
Email: jjames@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2853
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Mark Linder

Associate Professor
Office: Admin 351
Email: mlinder@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2856
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Michelle Lundgren

Professor-Teacher Education, Teacher Education Graduate School Director, Student Teaching Supervisor
Office: Admin 213
Email: mlundgren@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2929
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Jon McNeel

Dean of Men
Office: Student Development
Email: jmcneel5450@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2858
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David Odom

Associate Professor of Christian Ministry
Office: Admin 355
Email: dodom@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2943
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Joel Padín

Director of Business & Technology Department
Office: Admin 312
Email: jpadin8451@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2829
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Karl Pagenkemper

Chair Bible Division; Chair MA in Christian Ministries
Office: Admin 306 & 308
Email: kpagenkemper@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2851
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Gary Peterson

Assistant Professor of the Humanities
Office: Admin 310
Email: gpeterson5039@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2913
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Rich Ramsey

Associate Professor of Christian Education and Ministry, Department Chair of Christian Ministry Program
Office: Admin 253
Email: rramsey@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2842
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Tara Rye

Dean of Women
Office: Student Development Office
Email: trye6805@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2849
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James Santoro

Acting Academic Dean, Graduate Programs & Adult/EXCEL
Office: Admin 318
Email: csantoro@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2910
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Mike Schmidt

Associate Professor and Director of Intercultural Studies
Office: Stanford 202
Email: mschmidt1096@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2848
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Ron Shope

Professor Communciation and Research, Director of Assessment and Institutional Research
Office: Admin 258
Email: rshope@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2872
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Kris Udd

Registrar, Associate Professor of Bible and Archaeology
Office: Admin 264
Email: kudd@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2838
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Willie Williams

Assistant Professor-Physical Education
Office: BC 119
Email: wwilliams@graceuniversity.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2824
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Wes Wilmer

Director of Christian Formation
Office: RGH 208
Email: wwilmer2327@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2843
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Mike Wulbecker

Director of Online Learning, Teacher Physical Education
Office: Admin 302
Email: miwulbecker@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2985
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Greg Zielke

Chair, Music Department and Professor of Music
Office: Admin 452
Email: gzielke@graceu.edu
Phone Number: (402) 449-2852
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