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What can I do with an Psychology Degree?

Psychology Majors are prepared to enter diverse fields, such as:

  • For those psychology majors who ask: "What can I do with a bachelor's degree in psychology”, there is a variety of work-related topics including self-assessment, researching careers, networking, resumes, and interviewing. DeGalan, J., & Lambert, S. (2006),
    in their book Great Jobs for Psychology Majors. 3rd Ed (McGraw-Hill) provides detailed descriptions of career paths open to psychology majors: residential care, human and social service, human resources (business), teaching, and pre-professional therapy as
    well as a look into community development and social work and ministry.   

    The majority of students graduating with a bachelor's degree will work in some division of human or social services. In addition to social services, a bachelor's degree in psychology can provide the student excellent training for many other types of jobs. One of the most important things learned during undergraduate years is interpersonal skills. The understanding of the human mind and behavior makes the student a good candidate for jobs that require good communication skills. Some examples of jobs in this area include those in sales, marketing, case management, and government welfare protection agencies.

  • These career options might initially appear to have little to do with the field of psychology; however, an undergraduate education in psychology helps students develop skills that are important in a variety of careers. An undergraduate degree in psychology remains excellent preparation for continued graduate work in psychology or for another field, such as business, medicine, or computer science.

    Psychology majors, whether they have gone on to careers in psychology or other fields cite courses in the principles of human behavior as especially important to life after college. The additional insight gained from these courses helps individuals, whether they are functioning as parents at home, managers on the job, or professionals in other fields.



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