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Communication Studies

The Communication Studies Program provides students with the skills that can be applied to any profession. The core courses in the major center on interpersonal relationships, working in teams and groups, and an overview of the media. The student will then be able to choose between two concentrations: interpersonal communication and mass communication. The interpersonal communication concentration focuses on relational and professional communication skills and prepares students for a variety of career options. The mass communication concentration, offered in conjunction with Iowa Western Community College, prepares students for careers in audio, video, or electronic graphic communication. The major is not just theory, but gives students practical experience through internships in both Christian and secular organizations that will help students build their skills.

Interpersonal Communication Concentration

The interpersonal communication concentration provides students with the tools they need to pursue a variety of careers. The coursework integrates both interpersonal communication theory and practice with a Biblical worldview that is developed in both the Biblical studies and general education courses. The major is designed to give students the critical tools they need to become effective and influential communicators in today’s society. The major focuses on relational and professional communication including skills in speech and writing. Thus, the major provides a great foundation for students seeking a wide array of career aspirations.

Interpersonal Communication Careers

A degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis in interpersonal communication will prepare students for a variety of careers in both the public and private sectors.  Careers include business, public relations, human resources, event planning, higher education including student life and admissions personnel, law, healthcare, education, ministry, nonprofit organizations and advocacy groups, graduate studies and so on.

Mass Communication Concentration

The Mass Communication concentration with an emphasis in audio production, electronic graphic communication, or video production gives students the tools they need to pursues careers in media. The coursework integrates both Mass Communication theory and skills with a Biblical worldview that is developed in both the Biblical studies and general education courses. Students have practical opportunities to build skills not only through in-class project based courses, but through practicums and internships. Many of the courses will be taken at Iowa Western Community College (IWCC), located just eight miles from campus in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Through a cooperative agreement with IWCC, students will have access to production equipment and computer technology to help them develop their skills.

Why study Mass Communication

A degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Mass Communication provides students with hands on work experience including in-class projects and experience through internships. The primary focus of the concentration is on practical experience. Students can choose from three emphases: audio production, electronic graphic communication, or video production.

Mass Communication Jobs

A degree is Communication Studies with a concentration in Mass Communication prepares students for a wide variety of careers including:

  • Radio
  • Recoding
  • Internet
  • Audio
  • Churches
  • Television
  • Web Design
  • Magazine Layouts
  • Layout Design
  • Public relations doing graphic design

Communication Studies Programs

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