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Student Testimonials

Reid - Accounting Graduate, 2004

"The business profs at Grace are very helpful and have real-life business experience. The classes are challenging but small so it is easy to ask questions and get extra help if you need it."

Lee - Current Student

"The business program at Grace University has challenged me. The professors have helped me better understand the business world while challenging me spiritually. I appreciate the quality education I am receiving here at Grace University."

Rochelle - Freshman

"As a first semester freshmen, I have not had much exposure to the business department but so far I have been pleased with the business department. I've really enjoyed getting to know the faculty and have appreciated their willingness to help in any way that they can."

Tom - Business Admin Graduate, 2004

"Enrolling in the Grace University Business Department is the best decision I made while I was in college. The professors in the business program taught me how to have a "Christian businessman" mentality, which is something I would not have gotten at a secular college."

Megan - Current Student

"I enjoy receiving a quality education that is grounded in God's Word from professors who have professional experiences in the business world, and who truly care about the success of their students--spiritually, academically, and emotionally."

Michael - Transfer Student

"My name is Michael Worley, and I am doing the business program because I don’t know exactly what I want to do for a career. I was thinking of getting into real-estate or maybe opening a few auto body shops. So I thought that it would be a good degree to get for just about any career. Also I didn’t just want a two year degree because any joker can get one of those, so I came to Grace where I can get a bachelors degree."

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