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Academic Programs

Select a link below to review the corresponding academic programs

Business & Technology

Accounting, Business Management, Internet Technologies, Networking, etc...

Christian Ministries

Camping Ministry, Christian Education, Pastoral Ministry, Youth Ministry.


Elementary + ELL*, Math, Music , Social Science, Basic Business, English,etc...

Intercultural Studies

Business Administration, Foreign Language, Urban Ministry, etc...


Instrumental Music, Piano, Theory/Composition, etc...


This program provides students with the skills to care for the health needs of inidividuals.


Academic discipline which applies the scientific study of human behavior.

Communication Studies

This program provides students with the skills that can be applied to any profession.


This program provides studies of various literary eras, authors and specific works.


Studies pursued independently and may be completed at the student’s own pace.

School of Graduate Studies

Learn how to continue your education earning a Master of Arts degree.

Adult Degree Completion Program Overview

Have college credit and want to finish your degree? Learn how to finish your degree here.

More Resources

Information Technology

Review our IT resources available for students, faculty, and staff - including free Internet, E-mail accounts, and personal access to class schedules and grade reports.

Career Services

Review Career listings that will help students jump start their careers, including - Jobs, Ministry opportunities, Pastoral Internships, and more.

Interested in Athletics?

Do you want to play college sports? Learn about our sports teams or follow the teams here!

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