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Undergraduate Programs


Grace University has one, two and four-year program offerings. The one-year program leads to a Certificate; the two-year programs lead to Associate degrees; and the four-year programs lead to Bachelor degrees. (Actual length of study for these programs, of course, depends upon many factors.)

All Undergraduate Programs of Study at Grace University include courses from three broad areas of study.

  • Biblical and Theological Studies
  • General Education
  • Professional Studies

The credit balance for each of these areas of study depends upon the objectives of the individual program. Typically, Bachelor degree requirements include a minimum of 30 credits of Bible and Theology and 40 credits of General Education. Remaining credits are designed to fulfill the Professional Requirements for the major field of study.

All course work at Grace is designed to integrate biblical and theological studies with the natural sciences, social sciences, the humanities and fine arts. As noted in the discussion under Values and Costs, integrating the Bible and a Christian world view is a critical component for all professional programs, not just in those programs that lead to vocational Christian service.

All Programs emanate from one of the three Divisions of study noted above (Bible and Theology, General Education, and Professional Studies). Programs related to vocational Christian ministries emphasize priorities found in the Division of Bible and Theology. General Education degrees (the AA degree as well as the General Studies) broadly reflect the priorities and objectives of the Division of General Education. Professional Studies programs reflect objectives appropriate to the field of study.

For undergraduate program credit requirements and course descriptions, download the Course Catalog.

Available Programs of Study

Intercultural Studies

*English Language Learners (formerly called Teaching English as a Second Language or TESL)

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