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Master of Arts in Counseling


Our program prepares students professionally and practically, and allows them to learn in an environment where they can integrate their faith into throughout the leaning process. This program combines contemporary counseling techniques and theories with a solid Biblical foundation for a spiritual balance in the counseling approach.   There is also a high sense of ethics and sensitivity to where clients are spiritually, making that a part of the goals and processes of their therapy and healing.

*Applications for the Fall 2015 semester are due no later than June 1st, 2015. Interview day for the Fall 2015 semester will be Friday, June 12th at 8:30 AM. 
*Applications for the Spring 2016 semester are due no later than October 1st, 2015. Interview day for the Spring 2016 semester will be Friday, October 9th at 8:30 AM. 

The Counseling Alumni Scholarship

The Counseling Alumni Scholarship is a fund maintained solely by Grace University Counseling Alumni, and awarded each Fall to a student who has entered the program since the previous Fall.

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Clinical Mental Health Counseling (licensure)

The Master of Arts in Counseling, Clinical Mental Health Counseling track is designed to meet the standards of the State of Nebraska for licensure as a professional counselor.  The degree enables the graduate to work in a variety of settings where he/she can apply the training as a mental health professional to help people gain healing and wholeness. This program will uniquely equip the student to competently handle any situation they will be faces with professionally.

Overview of the program here.

Counseling Student Handbook

School Counseling

School Counseling track in our Masters of Arts in Counseling is a program dedicated to train highly-skilled counselors, who are committed to serving the needs our children, their families, and the public within the school context.  The program provides the courses necessary for meeting Nebraska’s school counselor certification, requirements for employment as a school counselor at the elementary, middle, and secondary levels.  Students are able, if they choose, to meet requirements for more than one level of certification (i.e. elementary and secondary school counseling).

Overview of the program here.

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