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EXCEL Overview

Three professional majors are available through the EXCEL Adult Degree Completion Program at Grace University.  They are:

  • Business Leadership
  • Ministry Studies
  • Psychology

This program enables students to attend classes year round to complete the EXCEL requirements.  Completion time depends upon the number of credits transferred but many students complete their degree within 16 months.  Forty-two hours are met through a succession of upper level (300-400 level) courses which meet for five or six weeks each, one night per week, from 6:00pm-10:00pm.  Some EXCEL courses are offered in an online format, also running for five or six weeks.  Remaining requirements can be achieved by transfer of previously earned credit or by taking additional elective courses while enrolled in EXCEL.  The compressed nature of these courses is consistent with standards of good practice for adult degree completion programs. 


EXCEL Online Courses

EXCEL now offers some courses in an online accelerated format!

Three-credit courses completed in five weeks; Four-credit courses completed in six weeks.

Courses now available online include:

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Old Testament Survey 1 & 2
  • New Testament Survey 1 & 2
  • Financial Management
  • Ministry
  • Doctrine 1 & 2

Online course offerings vary each semester.

Call Angie at 402-449-2804 to sign up for the next available online course.

Prerequisites to EXCEL

To enter the EXCEL Program, 60 credit hours of previous college work (from accredited institutions of higher education) are required.  An associates degree may meet this requirement.  These 60 hours are then used to meet a portion of the general education credits required for a degree in the program (see breakdown below).

Applicants with less than 60 credit hours will also be considered for admission but may need to take additional hours before beginning EXCEL classes.  Grace University does offer elective and general education courses in an accelerated format that can help students meet the 60 credit hour pre-requisite.  

Credit Hours Required

A total of 124 credit hours are needed to obtain a degree through the EXCEL Program.

EXCEL Major Requirements (45 hours or 48 hours)      

The EXCEL Program is made up of a combination of upper-division Bible/Theology courses and major-specific courses.  Included in the EXCEL Major is a business elective course for Business Leadership majors, an introductory or an upper level psychology elective for Psychology majors and a ministry internship for Ministry Studies majors.

General Education Requirements (79 hours or 76 hours)

The following general education courses are required as part of the general education requirements:
             Science, Math, or Computer Science
             English Composition
             Speech or Oral Communication


Nine of the general education credits must be upper division courses (300-400 level). To meet the general education requirements, students may transfer credit from other accredited higher education institutions, obtain credit through EXCEL elective courses or EXCEL courses which are not in the student’s own major.  The student may also acquire credit from life experience (max: 36 hours) through the Documented Experiential Learning Analysis (DELA) or properly documented professional and/or military training. See the EXCEL Advisor for more information regarding these options.


Q:  What is the EXCEL Program?

A:  EXCEL is a program designed to help the busy adult finish his or her bachelor degree quickly and conveniently.  Classes are offered year round and meet just one night per week.  Some courses are now offered in an online format as well. 

Q:  If I have never been to college before, can I still enroll in the EXCEL Program?

A:  Absolutely!  Because EXCEL offers both professional and general education courses, students with no previous college credit can still accomplish their goal of finishing a bachelor degree in a convenient evening format. 

Q: What majors can I choose from in EXCEL?

A: The three majors offered are Business Leadership, Ministry Studies, and Psychology.

Q:  What are the entrance requirements for EXCEL?

A:  Applications for the program are accepted year round and admitted students are encouraged to enroll in the next available session.  To be accepted into the EXCEL Program, the following items are required:

  • Application for Admission
  • Writing Sample
  • Spiritual Life Reference Form (Ministry Studies applicants only)
  • College transcripts (2.0 GPA or higher is recommended)

Q: How many of my past college credits will transfer?

A: Our transfer policy is designed to maximize your previous academic work.  Students pursuing the Business Leadership or Psychology majors can transfer up to 82 of the 124 credit hours required to graduate.  Ministry Studies majors can transfer up to 78 credits.

Q: Are there any specific courses I should have already completed before enrolling in EXCEL?

A: EXCEL graduates do need to complete at least one course in each of the subject areas listed below.  These requirements can be transferred from other institutions or completed while enrolled in EXCEL.

  • English Composition
  • Speech
  • Humanities (i.e. Art, Foreign Language, Philosophy)
  • History
  • Math, Computer Information, or Science (only one subject area is required)

Q:  How long will it take me to finish my degree through this program?

A:  The average EXCEL student completes a degree in six semesters or approximately two years.  Completion time will vary based on how many college credits are transferred.  An academic advisor will be glad to do a review of your college transcripts to determine an estimated time of completion for you.

Q: How much does it cost to get my degree through EXCEL?

A: Our goal is to help make your education as affordable as possible!  We offer scholarships specifically for EXCEL students (for students who qualify) as well as an interest-free monthly payment plan.  Private scholarships (i.e. churches, foundations and other local businesses/corporations), federal and state grants & scholarships, federal student loans, corporate tuition assistance, and military benefits are also accepted. 

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