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Statistical Information

By State

The following data was taken from our Spring 2005 registration statistics:

State Students
Alaska 2
Arizona 1
California 1
Colorado 2
Georgia 1
Illinois 2
Iowa 51
Kansas 17
Michigan 2
Minnesota 3
Missouri 5
Montana 2
Nebraska 317
New Mexico 1
New York 1
North Dakota 3
Ohio 1
Oklahoma 1
South Carolina 1
South Dakota 14
Texas 3
Unknown 2
Vermont 1
Wisconsin 4
Wyoming 1

By Country

China 1

By Church Affiliation

American Baptist 3
Assembly of God 15
Baptist, General Conference 17
Berean Fundamental 14
Christian & Missionary Alliance 14
Evangelical Free 38
Fellowship of Evangelical Bible Churches 7
Foursquare Gospel 1 Independent 79
Independent Baptist 4
Lutheran 16
Mennonite Brethren 13
Mennonite Church U.S.A. 4
Nazarene 3
Non-Denominational 1
Other  66
Presbyterian 5
Roman Catholic 1
Southern Baptist 26
Unaffiliated 33
Unidentified Baptist 16
United Methodist 5
Unknown 59

Graduation Rate

The current graduation rate, based on the Fall 1999 entering class is 45%. This rate is based on full-time, first-time students completing a program within 150% of the normal time required for their program. Many students opt to extend the length of study due to employment needs, family issues, or academic achievement goals. The University has no statute of limitations regarding completion of associate or baccalaureate degrees. For a more complete analysis by demographic factors, contact the Academic Vice President.

Placement Rate

The 2005 Spring Graduation class reported the following objectives:

Placement Response Category Graduating Seniors Responding
Pursue Travel 2.5%
Pursue Additional Education 18.5%
Pursue non-employment activities (i.e., marriage, volunteer opportunities, etc.) 9.9%
Pursue employment in my vocational/professional field 50.6%
Pursue employment based on location, compensation, or other reasons than by vocation or professional field 7.4

Already employed in my vocational/professional field


For a complete placement report, contact the Academic Vice President’s Office.


Title II: Higher Education Act Report

The University submitted its first Title II Higher Education Act Annual Report for Teacher Education. Contact the Academic Vice president for a copy of the report.

Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act Report

Since Grace students do not receive funds for athletic scholarships, the University is not required to submit an EADA Report; however, we do voluntarily submit the report data to the U.S. Department of Education. While a complete report can be reviewed by contacting the Academic Vice President, a brief summary of varsity sports demonstrating equity in athletics at Grace is listed below:

  • Men’s Soccer
  • Women’s Volleyball
  • Men’s Basketball
  • Women’s Basketball

Certified Public Accountants Audit Report

Each year the University’s financial records are audited by an independent certified public accounting firm. The results of this report are available for review. Contact the Vice President for Finance and Operations for a copy of the report.

Campus Security Report

Each year, in accordance with the Higher Education Act requirements, the Student Development Office publishes a Campus Security Report regarding security policies, procedures, and crime statistics. Contact the Vice President of Student Services for a copy of the report.

Institutional Assessment Report

Each year the Faculty prepares a report evaluating the effectiveness of the institution in student learning and in other areas of institutional research and assessment. The evaluation is based on assessment of the stated goals and objectives of the University. The results of this report are available for review. Contact the Academic Vice President for a copy of the report.

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